View Full Version : Tad d1000 cd/sacd/dac mk i

Mr. C
29-08-2016, 09:28
Simply one of the best single box CD players current available, superbly musical, utterly grain free and totally engaging (unlike many other high end models) SACD capability as well as one of the best dac's available built in (The same dac as their DA1000). Can handle upto DSD and DXD 256 and 384Khz via USB. Model is in silver, genuine UK model all boxes and paperwork. New cost 15000.

This unit is a MK I version and does NOT have a volume control.

Asking 9250

Product Information (http://www.technicalaudiodevices.com/d1000/)

What Hifi DA1000 review (Same dac as fitted to the D1000) (http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/tad-d1000-cdsacd-player/]Hifi Plus Review[/URL]


Contact Information (http://www.coherent-systems.co.uk/contact.asp)



Mr. C
21-09-2016, 08:03
Now sold thanks