View Full Version : FS: Balanced Isolation transformer 1000VA balanced power

Mark Grant
23-08-2016, 20:55

For sale, 1000Va balanced islation transformer, balanced power as it is known.

This is an ex medical 1000Va balanced isolation transformer. This was used to power an Endoscope.

The case is a bit marked and knocked as it is well used but it works perfectly and is quiet and provides 1000Va of balanced power,
that is a lot of watts but always run transformers at less than maximum so I would say about 600 watts max which is more than enough for most hifi.
the output is on an IEC outlet and a cable will be provided and a mains block can easily be plugged in.
It is heavy at about 18 kilos.
Could be put in a nice case to make it more Hi-Fi by the keen Diy enthusiast.

Not sure what to ask as something new like this would be 250 upwards.
How about 70 + 10 for DPD delivery as it is a heavy beast.
UK mainland only as delivery will be costly for an islands.

Send me a message or phone to buy, paypal or cards etc

Mark Grant
01-09-2016, 20:43
Now sold