View Full Version : My Tandberg 4000x has lost sound

07-08-2016, 14:13
Default No sound on my Tandberg 4000x
Hi Al
I had nearly sorted the wobble out on my recorder with cleaning the clutches and pinch roller. When playing a tape the sound just went. The VU readers aren't working and counter light is dimmer. The turntable still rotates on play and FF but not rewind ( when tape is on turntable)
Electrical area is new to me,so were is best place to start. We have come along way over past 6 weeks the Tandberg and me and am not going to give up on her now


11-08-2016, 13:14
Kevin did you ever find a service manual for it ? send me a pdf copy if you have and ill have a look at what is connected to those functions.

It could be just a relay or dodgy switch try switch cleaner on all swithces and relays if it has any
Check that when you press play the relays click in
Check if there are any internal fuses