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Mr. C
01-08-2016, 16:26
New in this week a very rare and special piece of valve equipment the superb Cary Audio Design SPL-05 two box reference fully balanced pre-amplifier.

This is a genuine UK model purchased in 2013 from an official UK dealer, both electronic boxes are in wonderful condition former owner had a child, pet and smoke free environment this beautiful sounding amplifier have been cossetted.

It comes with original paperwork and boxes (which are also in excellent condition.

This SPL-05 MKII also benefits from having six (6) Psvane 6SN7's (three matching pairs) only the headphone amplifier sections retains stock valves. This takes the performance to another level of clarity, openness and musical flow.

Also this pre amplifiers comes with two remote controls (both O.E. Cary) a smaller neater unit just for volume.

These are very rarely seen on this side of Atlantic and to find a genuine UK model is even rarer.

A truly first class reference tube pre-amplifier with a musical heart that beats inside, sports genuinely fully balanced performance, a tape loop, cinema bypass and headphone amplifier. Plus those wonder VU meters.

New price was 7995 plus the Psvane 6SN7's valves 500

Asking 5395

Also see our matching pair of Cary 211 founders edition mono-blocks they make a stunning combination.

Product Information (http://www.caryaudio.com/products/slp-05/)

Stereophile Review (http://www.stereophile.com/tubepreamps/906cary/#9sXLxH2iqyIxOVGp.97)

Absolute Sound Review (http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/cary-audio-slp-05-linestage-preamplifier-cad-211-fe-monoblock-amplifiers-tas-205-1/)

Positive Feedback Review (http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue25/cary_slp05.htm)





Mr. C
26-09-2016, 06:22
Now 4995

Mr. C
02-11-2016, 09:17
Now sold thank you