View Full Version : Analogue (HiFi Hangar) vs. Digital (CODE Acoustics) Sound Clash SAT 23RD JULY!

Code Acoustics
14-07-2016, 12:22
Hi Everyone,

In collaboration with Steve and Sarah at HiFi Hangar, we're putting on a (very friendly) sound clash next Sat (23rd July).

It'll be at the fantastic HiFi Hangar shop in Bordon, Hampshire (GU35 9QE) from 10am till 5:30pm.

In one of the demo rooms will be our CODE Acoustics SYSTEM-1, with the Auralic Aries streamer running high res audio via Qobuz (the DIGITAL system).

In the other will be a lovely HiFi Hangar system, with turntable front end, valve amplification and the fantastic Eminent Technology LFT8b Ribbon Hybrid Speakers (the ANALOGUE system).

It's a friendly competition to show two very contrasting ways of reproducing music, and hopefully promote some discussion.

If you've not been to HiFi Hangar before, I strongly recommend it; A treasure trove of vintage and modern HiFi gems and Steve's enthusiasm for music and HiFi is infectious.

Hopefully you can see the poster below (please click on it and it'll enlarge!):


So if you can spare the time, please come down and have a listen!

We look forward to seeing you there! :)