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Mark Grant
12-07-2016, 21:34
New product available at last.

Replaces the G1000HD and G2000HD range.


Mark Grant HDX1 Pure Copper audio cables (https://markgrant.co.uk/stereo-cables/326-mark-grant-hdx1-pure-copper-audio-cables.html)

Excellent connectors and a low price.

55 for 1 metre stereo pair, any length can be made.

High build quality and performance as you would expect.

Shipping anywhere in the world, if you don't see a shipping option to your country send me a message and I can work it out and deduct the VAT for customers outside of Europe.

More details to follow.

Mark Grant
14-07-2016, 21:30
A few comments from customers, all good and the customers knew nothing about any technical details of the construction or the connectors, just tried it and listened.

The cable performed much better than the Interconnects I had been using.

Your cable has bags of detail, Supple bass and great depth and dimension to music.

The sound with the new cable has better timing, greater bass definition and all instruments have a greater space between them.

15-07-2016, 18:44
Replaces the G1000HD and G2000HD range

Daft question, but does this also replace the G1500HD range?

Mark Grant
11-09-2016, 18:21
Hello Gareth,

yes it does, no need for the G1500HD with Neutrik Profi. This connector is excellent and costs less.

I can fit WBT 0110 AG if anyone requires them, costs a lot more though.

A new delivery of connectors arrived last week so plenty available again after a bit of a delay due to a connector shortage, I used all that where available and the lead time from the connector manufacturer is long.


The Black Adder
11-09-2016, 18:42
I can confirm that the HDX1 is a superb sounding cable. I have a set myself.

The connectors are superb too. Excellent quality.

11-09-2016, 18:47
Sounds a very reasonable price compared to the majority of rip off overpriced cables out there.

The Black Adder
11-09-2016, 18:50
+1 James.

The build quality is excellent as always too.

11-09-2016, 20:14
Looks like a great product, Mark. Love the plugs! Are they a non-metallic construction? Anyway, you should do very well with these cables :)


Mark Grant
15-09-2016, 15:03
The connectors have a plastic front part that holds the contacts and an aluminium body/ barrel to cover the soldered part of the contacts.

The centre pin is hollow similar to the design of the popular variations of 'bullet' connectors.

The ground connection is a full circular metal contact with high contact area and low resistance rather than the miniature point of contact of the 'bullet' design of connectors. The connection area inside the connector is also large so that plenty of screening from the cable can be connected.
The circular ground contact has a gap in the circular design to help with low capacitance.

I have also listed these on ebay for people that prefer to buy on ebay and there are shipping options for everywhere on ebay.

They are proving popular and customer feedback has been great :)

05-10-2016, 13:41
+1 James.

The build quality is excellent as always too.

I also bought two pairs of the HDX1 actually, to connect my Croft Micro25R with my Croft Series7R mono blocks and also my CD player with the preamp. The first impressions are very positive, although I am still burning in the cables.

The downside is that -given the higher levels of details with the new cables- I have to repeat my 12BH7A valve comparisons... RCS vs Tung-Sol vs Sylvania vs Westinghouse, etc., etc. Quite fun though, I should not complain -))

Mark Grant
18-12-2016, 19:50
A delivery of connectors has arrived and we have plenty so same day despatch now if ordered early enough in the day.

A subwoofer cable is also now available, a single length of the same cable and connectors for high quality subwoofer use:

LINK: Mark Grant HDX1 Subwoofer cable (https://markgrant.co.uk/audio-cables/342-mark-grant-hdx1-pure-copper-subwoofer-cable.html)


18-12-2016, 20:06
I have a 1.5 metre pair of these excellent cables. They are used with my Oppo Blu-Ray player and are really top notch.

14-04-2018, 14:36
Looking forward to receiving and try out the HDX1, hopefully Monday, I have the original GHD1000, a nice little upgrade?

20-05-2018, 06:39
I now have two pairs of these HDX1 cables and they are superb, top to bottom coherence with a very fine treble in comparison to my other cables, Cambridge Azur reference and Classique sounds of Leicester Translucent, which sounds a bit dry and coarse in comparison.

I really like the new plugs.

Incredible value for money.

20-08-2018, 22:00
I love Mark's cables. Bloody good value for money, sound great and Mark is a top geezer to deal with.