View Full Version : Phil Collins for 50p

19-11-2009, 13:26
I was out and about this morning (Thursday) doing a bit of Christmas shopping and I ventured into the local Multiple Sclerosis charity shop. Low and behold I had a vision...!!! Three tubs full of old vinyl...!! I got 'No Jacket Required' for 50p. 50p...!!! Good quality sleeve and mint looking plastic. What a christmas present. All I need now is 'Hello, I must be going'.

Peter Galbavy
19-11-2009, 15:10
I found both, I think, amongst my "teenage" vinyl, now that I have a turntable. Not sure what the state of the records actually it as I probably didn't treat them very well when I was younger :)

22-11-2009, 09:45
Sounds a bit steep to me. Won't they take 25? It is Phil Collins after all... ;)