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17-04-2008, 22:32
Kind of stumbled across the forums whilst looking for a way to sell my ProAcs' Addicted after just 2 days. This is madness, as I really want to sell everything and start again!!!

Always liked music, but only really found hi-fi a few years back. Before that it was a mix and match from Richer Sales.

Anyhow, decided to treat myself and demo'd the usuals in the hifi shop that now only sells plasmas in Beckenham, Kent.

MF easy bettered Cyrus and Arcam (subjective opinion, so please no MF hate mail. Anyhow, I did'nt know they'd bring out another 197 products in the last 3 years then.)

Now up to Chord Blu/ Dac64 (rather nice), KW500 (VW Phaeton) but is still cooking and about to be modified by JS Audio so should really kick ass then and pair of Proacs which are just way to big for where my hi-fi is about to go (13 x 9 room) to keep it away from dangerous kiddies with sticky, pokey fingers!!!!

Wouldn't mind some ideas RE: Smallish speakers with a bit of welly (I like loud) but obviously quality too. Thinking of Benesch Arcs, but you all most likely know much more than me, so comments please!

Anyhow, that's my hifi life story, but somehow, I'm getting the very strange feeling, it's just about to begin!

Steve Toy
18-04-2008, 15:41
Hi Raynor,

I'm not at all familiar with any of the kit you mention. I've never really been a fan of MF and you've already touched on one of the reasons why.

Smallish speakers with welly?

Focal 1007s on their own stands

Avalon NP 2.0 or Indras

Spendor S series. They come in different sizes.

Ashley James
18-04-2008, 16:39
AVI Neutrons have had more awards than the rest put together!

Even moderators on some Forums have bought them!

Steve Toy
18-04-2008, 18:44
Those were the days when AVI were more into proper hi-fi.

Ashley James
18-04-2008, 18:49
You can be very cruel Steve

Ali Tait
18-04-2008, 18:55
A work collegue has an AVI system with Neutrons and a Gyrodec.He's not really an audiophile,just likes good-looking kit that doesn't take up too much room (he's got the system tucked away in a corner) Sounds quite nice actually! But I couldn't live with Neutrons now.Too used to my 5ft 'statics.. :-)

18-04-2008, 19:25
You can be very cruel Steve

It's true though, Ash. You've 'sold your soul to the devil' in the eyes of many genuine enthusiasts.

When I come down I'll be infinitely more interested in the Trios than the ADM9s, and any other 'serious' equipment you've got, including those rather butch looking monoblocks you showed me a picture of :)


18-04-2008, 19:30
Hi Ali,

A work collegue has an AVI system with Neutrons and a Gyrodec.He's not really an audiophile,just likes good-looking kit that doesn't take up too much room...

Sounds like an ideal ADM9 customer. Ashley, quick, get the chap's credit card details! :lolsign:

Sounds quite nice actually! But I couldn't live with Neutrons now.Too used to my 5ft 'statics.. :-)

I thought the Neutrons were excellent. I also used to like the AVI 'Laboratory Series' electronics, too, but of course that was in the good old days... ;)


Ashley James
19-04-2008, 09:19
Marco - this is phooey! It is well established that Active is better than Passive, which is why some companies sell piles of boxes as an upgrade and for thousands of pounds.

We've taken it a stage further, we've refined the Active process and we've included the Preamplifier and DAC, which means that there won't be any passive two way speakers that are as good, because we've pushed forward the boundaries. Passive crossovers sound nasty and our active ones are inaudible, it's that simple.

Also, as I keep explaining, most power amps clip because they don't have sufficient headroom. The reason for this is that amplifiers that are powerful enough are expensive and difficult to design. In an active speakers, it's easy to get the necessary headroom and lower distortion for a fraction of the cost.

So we not only improve the quality of sound possible from Loudspeakers, but we do it at a fraction of the cost of conventional separates and you have the brass neck to suggest we've sold our "souls to the devil".

I think that show what a lot of pretentious nonsense hi fi has become if it is assumed that it can't be any good if it's sensibly priced!

The only area of misunderstanding is that we strive for an open window on the recording, our systems are designed to present the recording as it was made, or as near as the technology will allow. That's why even speakers like the Neutron 4's found their way into places like Columbia Tristar Pictures. Most people on this forum have what we'd regard as "musical experience" systems; there are loads of ways in which they cannot do as well as ADM9s, but they are bringing enormous pleasure to their owners, not just for the sound but for the style and all the fettling up that you do to get the best from it. Naim is the same, nobody says it's accurate or natural, but that it "makes music" and people pay a fortune to build up their systems.

AVI is different and the difference should be respected, you shouldn't rubbish something just because it doesn't conform to your ideal.

19-04-2008, 12:00
Hi Raynor

Welcome to the happy band :)

Nice to see Ashley has already introduced himself :lolsign:

Hope you have fun here


Ashley James
19-04-2008, 13:10
High Raynor I'm sorry I didn't welcome you although I most definitely do!
I hope you fare better than I have on here, they've given me Hell!!!