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Mark Grant
12-05-2016, 21:05
I have Oppo's latest model universal player in stock.

The OPPO BDT-101CI Universal Blu-ray player.


Rear panel showing the standard outputs for the 360 base price.

There are many output options available with the Oppo 101.

The standard configuration has 2 channel stereo analogue audio output and 1 x HDMI output for 360 , yes 360 :) ( Also optical and coax digital audio out and 2 x USB and LAN.)

A 7.1 sound card expansion module can be fitted for an extra 65 in place of the 2 channel output providing a full 7.1 analogue output on RCA sockets.

A second HDMI output card can also be fitted in the expansion slot for an extra 60 or a HDBaseT output card for long cable runs to a HDBaseT receiver for an extra 195.

Phone to check your requirements for any expansion modules.

I make all the Oppo's we supply region free for DVD for no extra charge. Zone B is the default Blu ray zone that European Oppo's are factory locked to.

If you need fully region free then I can fit a mod kit to maker the Blu Ray zone switchable with the remote control so you can play zones A, B and C Blu ray discs for a small extra charge.

The Oppo 101 makes a perfect CD player using the analogue outputs into a high quality two channel Hi-fi system, or you could connect a high quality external DAC although the built in DAC on the 2 channel sound card is excellent and probably all anyone needs.

Link to buy here:

Free UK delivery and 30 day returns policy.

Contact me with any questions etc,