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08-05-2016, 02:23
I am thinking of a new AV set up in a small room, about 10 x 13 ft, high ceiling about 10 ft

So far i have been using a media player ( AC Ryan) connected by HDMI to plasma HDTV.
RCA out to stereo amp and pair of spkrs sometimes, for music.

I am beginning to store movies n vids (and music) in a Synology NAS

I am prepared to go 7.1
So will need an AV receiver preferably with network connectability.
Dont think i will need a v powerful AVR.
I do not have any suitable spkrs at the moment.

Advice will be most appreciated

08-05-2016, 06:05
Hi Shahrin

What is your spend limit - and do you need to buy all 7 speakers as well as the receiver? It is quite a small room for a 7.1 set up but it can be done.

08-05-2016, 11:13
Cheers macca
I have a pair of tdl rtl 3 which could be fronts
And i have spkrs from an old 5.1 SonyDAV SC5 from yonks ago
One spkr has blown but i am sure at least 4 survive that could be my back and middle spkrs
So i would need a good centre channel spkr and a AVReceiver
Possible starters

28-10-2016, 08:48
i took the plunge and bought a Yamaha RX V481 - quite inexpensive, and made here in Malaysia!
Currently just the TDL RTL3s and a Yamaha centre spkr (i bought second hand for next to nothing) are connected .
The sound is quite exciting, plenty of bass even without a sub and i am delighted.
More to follow..

Jac Hawk
05-01-2017, 20:34
I've not been on for a long time so apologies for picking this up late in the day so to speak. I too have a Yammy A/V receiver, mine's the RX-V777 and i must say i'm very impressed with it's range of features and overall performance while tackling both movie and music. I'm in a small apartment so my "living room" system has to be a jack of all trades, personally i think a 7.1 set up in a small space is over kill, as well as being too obtrusive with conventional loudspeakers, even bookshelf speakers need stands or something to sit on, so rob you of living space, the only way round this problem and is the route i'm ashamed to say i've gone down is the Bose acoustimass system, I have a 5.1 setup and it's taken me ages to get it sounding right (i'm not sure if they do a 7.1 system yet), anyway there are loads of other manufacturers of similar arrangements, Polk Audio and Kef spring to mind, at the end of the day you have to remember it's a trade off and unless you are lucky enough to have a cinema room, then speakers and their placement are almost certainly going to depend on other things or you risk your room resembling a stereo shop.