View Full Version : Where should threads on mics and recorders go?

06-05-2016, 16:53
Having looked for guidance, and also having just seen Marco's post from earlier this year .... where do I post on microphones and portable audio recorders?

I've now largely figured out how to synchronise mics and video - though this would probably not be absolutely optimal for spaced microphones - but is otherwise OK.

My query is going to be about recorders and microphones, such as Zoom H2n, H5 , Tascam and similar. Basically usable kit priced between 100 - 1k, though it's always nice to read about more expensive and exotic kit - to make one's mouth water.

07-05-2016, 07:18
Taking you there now, Dave... ;)


07-05-2016, 19:20
Taking you there now, Dave... ;)

Marco.Thanks, though the new hand held or stand held recorders are now usually digital I think. I can try posting here, though.