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06-05-2016, 12:45
Hi all

Bit of advice sought please. My objective is to get the TV sound through my existing speakers. The questions are of connectivity and an amp recommendation.

My set up:
Amazon Fire Box (has hdmi and optical out)
BenQ 1080ST projector (has all sorts of connections)
Edingdale speakers
300b SET amp.

I don't want to always have to use the 300b just for TV (and I want something remote controllable), so I think I want another amp - something modestly priced for two channel (not concerned by surround), that can get the sound from Fire TV or projector(??) Any suggestions?

I think I may then use a switching box to flick the edingdales between amps to avoid incessant cable unplugging. Beresford perhaps?

How to connect? Does the solution amp have optical from FireTV, or HDMI from Fire to Amp to Projector? Or does the HDMI go to the projector and then back out to the amp?

Suggestions welcome...


06-05-2016, 13:05
Majority of 2 channel amps dont have digital in. If you wish to put an optical into an amp then its likely to be an av one. If the projector has analogue rca audio out and gets its signal from say an hdmi then you could use that. Otherwise you will need a dac. Plenty around from modest cost up to a mortgage.
I would likely get a big sony amp second hand and a sabre based or a beresford dac. Probably get both for total under 250 and possibly a fair bit less.

06-05-2016, 13:15
Ahh of course, DAC (Doh!). Thanks. I've got a caiman 1 knocking about - think that's got optical and USB - so I could feed that into 'any old' amp and then HDMI from fire TV straight to projector.

So my issue is actually just about getting an amp with remote that I'm happy with - something with a remote that can power the edingdales - that shouldn't be hard.

06-05-2016, 13:21
Yup youve got it... I got a big sony f940e i think is model.. It puts out lots of power but is subtle enough to run 25watt fullrange speaker too ...80 watts per channel if you need it. Very good amps and worth finding a nice example. Probably get one around the 100/120 mark