View Full Version : Electric Beach Rockin Rollers X2 are now available.

Mark Grant
10-04-2016, 21:03

The ElectricBeach Rockin Rollers X2 Equipment supports are now available.

Many different versions have been made and tried to get to this level of performance.


Supplied as a set of three to use under any audio equipment up to a weight of 20 kg.

At 25mm high these free standing component supports are intended to bypass the feet attached to the unit, making direct contact with the chassis.

Recommended orientation is to be sited more towards the centre than the standard feet and with the brass tipped support under the lightest area, but some experimentation is rewarded with optimum performance and stability.

Built from wood, carbon fibre and brass.

Suitable for equipment up to 20 kg, performance is not weight dependent. The effect is consistent when used under CD and DVD players, servers, receivers, amplifiers, DACs, loudspeakers, power supplies and external hard drives.

Size: 47mm x 47mm x 25mm high.

Hand made by Electric Beach Audio in Essex, England.

Instructions included with every order.

Link to buy:


Order online or send me a message or email or phone.

10-04-2016, 21:07
using some of the older R&R's myself... I like them....they do work as well

Mark Grant
18-12-2016, 19:18
Still some in stock for before Christmas delivery.

18-12-2016, 19:36
I use the earlier Rockin Rollers and they are very good indeed .

Mark Grant
18-12-2016, 20:14
They do lift all equipment to perform from a new level :)

18-12-2016, 23:21
They do lift all equipment to perform from a new level :)

Good one lol :)

I use them too.