View Full Version : Holco 'H2' 1 Watt Resistors NOS

Rare Bird
06-11-2009, 22:09
Looking for a source for the Holco 'H2' Resistor within the UK, tried Hi-Fi Collective but they don't have hardly any now.

1K (X2)
2K2 (X2)
4K7 (X1)
10K (X4)
12K (X2)
22K (X4)
47K (X1)
91K (X2)
100K (X4)
1M (X6)
3M3 (X4)

Looking for 2 number Suflex Polystyrene caps aswell..200pF

06-11-2009, 23:11
Some of the Ebay sellers might still have them. You may not find the whole list though.
Hifi collective is the only place i know of.
Does it have to be Holcos?

Rare Bird
06-11-2009, 23:49
Just the odd H2..