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Ammonite Audio
19-03-2016, 09:42
Since I was so impressed with the Miyajima Takumi cartridge that I bought (see http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?43849-Miyajima-Takumi ), I have persuaded Timestep to allow me to become a dealer for Miyajima's remarkable range of cartridges. Full details of the Miyajima range can be read at http://www.miyajima-lab.co.uk/ but these cartridges have a unique design that effectively reduces sources of distortion that affect conventional moving coil cartridges. Miyajima have produced a quaint but informative animation explaining how this is achieved, and you can see it on YouTube here https://youtu.be/-UArwUMW7YE

I have stock of the Takumi and Shilabe, and can get the others at short notice. My Takumi demonstrator is available for home dems, subject to confirmation of identity, address etc, so please contact me if you would like to arrange a dem.

Anyone liking the Takumi will very much like what the Waza, Shilabe and Kansui will do!

Ammonite Audio
09-04-2016, 17:14
I will shortly be adding a new Miyajima Shilabe cartridge to my home dem stock, alongside the Takumi that is already available to potential customers to try out.

Nothing has dimmed my enthusiasm for these remarkable cartridges, and anyone contemplating a new MC cartridge in the 1k-2k price range should really add them to the dem list. Their lack of distortion is really remarkable and they play music in the most engaging, beguiling manner. All the Miyajimas are relatively low compliance, so really only come on song with medium-high mass arms, but most modern arms fall into this range so not an issue for most people.

Jelco SA-750 arms work very well with the Miyajimas, particularly the 10" SA-750E that sits on my Kenwood KD-990 turntable and which represents something of a 'sweetspot' in Jelco's range. Both the Takumi and Shilabe can be heard at the Styl:us Show at the Heathrow Park Inn on 23-24 April, so please cone along to hear for yourselves what they do, and for a chat!