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26-02-2016, 14:15
Hello Guys & Girls

I have a question thats been niggling at me firstly are music videos On Youtube , Vevo made to sound the same as a track on a CD i say this because the videos i play for instance Def Leppard - Long Way To Go the guitar sequence at the start on the CD is panned to the right hand channel but on the music video its panned to the left?. I am using a 3.5 Jack to phono I take it that videos are not supposed to be a stereo image of the CD equivalent or am i making something out of nothing i am just wondering? Its the same with basically with any video its reversed stereo as to the CD PS the phono leads are correct White To White - Red To Red ETC amplifiers set up correctly too....:)

PS Bit of a Wally Ish Question Sorry Guys.....