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24-02-2016, 19:14
My Monitor Audio R700 speakers, which I have loved, have a tweeter issue - one has totally packed up.

I've had little success talking about this in a hifi shop and basically been told that tweeters cant be switched out. I'm not sure I believe this and so have been trying to find out more.
I've contacted Monitor Audio and they don't have spares for this speaker any more (to old)

Ive taken the speakers apart to see what I could about the current set up.

The resistors in the crossover has 11w 3.3ohms on it, and then it says J EXPOTUS.

The speaker spec themselves are
Frequency 55hz 20 hzt 3db
Range: 40hz 20 hz
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity 89db

Talking to a tweeter supplier in America, I've given them the dimensions and spec to see what they come back with. They have suggested a Dayton Audio RS28A-4 1-1/8" Aluminium Dome Tweeter.

What do you think? - is this a stupid thing to pursue, or do you think replacing the tweeters would work, has anyone any experience of these tweeters? In terms of physical fit they look like a perfect match so thats not an issue.

27-02-2016, 15:26
You can use alternative tweeters but ideally the response of the existing speakers (with replacement tweeters fitted ) would need to be acoustically assessed (using a mike) for the correct the crossover values needed.
Failing that, you would, at the very least, need the existing tweeter's manufacturer's response graphs and T-S data so that you could pick a close replacement to approximate the match with.

You cannot just drop in a replacement as in 99.9% of cases, it will not work properly with the existing crossover values.

Audio Advent
27-02-2016, 17:01
My Monitor Audio R700 speakers, which I have loved, have a tweeter issue - one has totally packed up.

Is there no hint as to what the tweeter is? No stickers on the back of it?

A quick search on the internet gives someone on a forum saying that it uses a SEAS tweeter according to a Gramaphone Magazine review or report (sadly Gramaphone put those behind a paywall a few years ago!).

Your best bet is to trawl ebay for SEAS tweeters OR monitor audio tweeters and look for ones which are from a similar vintage speaker and look the same. Likely to be the same I'd guess. Once you've found the SEAS model number then you can find other speakers using the same tweeter and expand your search into even cheaper speakers using the same (might find a broken pair of speakers with working tweeters for cheap).