View Full Version : Prism Sound Introduces Callia Preamplifier-DAC

Neil McCauley
04-02-2016, 18:49
They say: Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, the Prism Sound CALLIA USB Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and digital audio preamplifier is tailored for listening to music.

For the discerning listener, CALLIA is the best way to experience digital music. Coupled with high quality analogue power amplification and loudspeakers, CALLIA will deliver your music exactly as intended.

Utilising the acclaimed Prism Sound audio signal path, clock circuitry and the same ARM Cortex processor & USB platform used in Prism Soundís professional product range, CALLIA supports both USB and S/P-DIF players.

Additional information + images @ http://http://www.hifianswers.com/2016/02/prism-sound-introduces-callia-preamplifier-dac/