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22-10-2009, 09:56
Beta BX200C
This is supposed to be a high output MC I have the papers that prove it 3mv.
I removed the SUT's and loaded with 47k and at full volume there was a sound.
Put the SUT's back in at 1:20 and 47k load and at 12 o'clock the volume is about the same as a Denon 103 at these settings.

I think its from the early 70's and has the Alnico sound it sounds like the Coral 777ex I trashed.
I've drawn a blank nothing on Google, AA etc anybody know this cartridge it was made by or for the Beta Corporation Japan and the papers talks about its members and their knowledge of vinyl cutting

Rare Bird
22-10-2009, 23:03
Beta BX2000


22-10-2009, 23:32

Thought I needed new specs.:)