View Full Version : Special AoS Offer on Isokinetik Silver Melody Tonearm

Ammonite Audio
12-01-2016, 16:01
I have the Isokinetik Silver Melody SM-750 9" tonearm in stock, bundled with one of my improved mounting collars, at an already enticing price of 595 including VAT and UK delivery.

For this month only, AoS members can buy the Silver Melody 9" arm, with an improved collar, for just 570 including VAT and UK delivery. Please contact me via PM or e-mail if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

The SM-750 is the ultimate 'pimped' version of the classic Jelco SA-750D, built entirely by Jelco in Japan, and benefiting from silver wiring internally as well as in the headshell, plus a much better design of under-slung counterweight. It's been favourably reviewed in a number of magazines.



Ammonite Audio
27-02-2016, 11:15
Just a reminder that this offer is still available to AoS members.

Edit: This offer is for the one Silver Melody tonearm that I have in stock. I will not in future be routinely stocking the Silver Melody arms, but I will always be able to get them in to order from ISOkinetik, but not at this price. Happy to chat about deals in general, though.

Ammonite Audio
05-04-2016, 09:38
This ISOkinetik Silver Melody SM-750 9" tonearm is now reduced to 550, which includes one of my improved Jelco mounting collars.


Ammonite Audio
14-04-2016, 19:52
This arm is now sold. I can get the Silver Melody arms (9", 10" and 12") in to order, but this particular offer price will not be repeated. Feel free to give me a call to discuss if interested.