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04-01-2016, 14:22
An ex-demo pair of our Jenna model up for sale. Normal price for the Jenna is 2,000 -as an ex-demo, we're asking 1,300 for this pair.

More information on the Jenna is available on our website. Briefly, it has been designed to be a medium-sized, high-sensitivity floorstanding monitor majoring on technical accuracy. It uses 4 paper cone midbass drivers with a high drive - mass ratio, and a coated silk dome tweeter with ferrofluid damping. Nominal sensitivity is 90dB 1m/w with a practical in-room response of 42Hz - above 20KHz. The enclosure uses a custom lightly damped alignment with a generous vent area to ensure velocity is minimised. The crossover is a full hard-wired type on physically separate low-pass and high-pass boards. All capacitors are polypropylene type matched to 2% tolerance, with inductors custom wound to our spec. in same tolerance, and resistors also tolerance selected. The crossover is an asymmetric offset 4th order Butterworth for a maximally flat amplitude response. Sound is very clean, with a neutral tonal balance and high dynamic contrast. Imaging is precise, and stable over a wide arc.

This pair has all ten drivers matched & pre-broken in. The cabinets are in Finnish birch plywood, veneered in bookmatched English oak with a hand-rubbed oil-varnish finish, which was lightly distressed for a slightly 'vintage' look, and then given a beeswax top-coat. Some images are attached.

Please contact Colin or myself on this thread or via PM for further information.

Best regards to all (and Happy 2016!)
Scott & Colin

04-01-2016, 17:47
Just to add to Scott's posting that we can arrange a demo of these excellent speakers if required. Presently they are in Hull with Scott, but we could arrange for a demo review either there, my place in Rossendale. These really are a bargain at the price and come with full 12-month warranty and customer backup.

These are the very speakers that were originally demo'd at one of the A-T Owston meets and a few the other guys who had equipment/systems to demo but no speakers used these speakers as a matter of choice to bring out the best of their gear. For anyone who has not been to a Owston meet will know how hard that room is to drive for conventional box speakers and is a testament to the design and it's capabilities.