View Full Version : Audio Alchemy DDE 1.0 DaC

13-10-2009, 15:40
Does anyone use one of these, if so do you have the up-rated Power Station Power supply. I want some info on the Up-rated PS rather than the Dac.

14-10-2009, 06:15
I had one of these DACs way back in the deep mists of time.

They had terrible trouble with the original PSUs when they were first introduced to the UK. A modified/uprated one did the trick though. And it did noticeably improve the sound quality. Better PSUs on things almost always do.

I have no idea if that PSU relates at all to the one that Puffin mentions.

A nice DAC for its time, but we must be talking 25+ years ago?! - a StanDAC will show it the door, imo. :)

No, this post doesn't answer your question, nor do I have any more info.

14-10-2009, 19:27
Jerry. Nice to have some interest. Don't worry that it was not on point. I have made a power supply as it didn't come with one. I am quite happy that the PS is correct.

I have a bigger problem in that I get the Analog and Digital lights come up, but it does not lock on to the digital signal and consequently - no sound. I only paid £10 for the Dac so if I can't get it working then it's a case I can use. I am going to replace the 74HC125N logic control to see if this does it. I read somewhere that someone had this problem and solved it in this way.


15-10-2009, 07:20
Ah well, a fine DAC indeed at a £tenner - providing you can get it to work!

Nope, I have never heard of the problem you mention, best of luck fixing it though. :)

17-10-2009, 18:20
Replaced the IC, but still no joy. I am not going to give up yet though.