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28-11-2015, 23:38
Hello All,

Colin & Scott here. I suspect most of the regular forum members know Colin already, but since this is a related, albeit slightly different venture, it seems right to make a formal introduction.

Reiver Acoustic is a small company based in northern Britain hand-crafting superb-quality loudspeakers for discerning listeners. We do our utmost to marry traditional craftsmanship with advanced and individual design approaches -as such we believe our loudspeakers offer not only some of the best value on the market, but provide something rather different from those produced by our many friends in the industry. We are not interested in competing with anyone -we simply have our own take on what we design and produce. First and foremost, we are music lovers. Our speakers often take over a year to fully develop, through computer modelling, extensive measurements and listening on a wide variety of high-quality equipment. All of our enclosure and filter designs are done 'in-house' with meticulous attention to detail. We use some of the most advanced loudspeaker drive units on the market, married to carefully selected internal wiring, connections and crossover components to provide heirloom quality products that our customers will be proud to own. Our finishes are to fine-furniture standards using individually picked veneers, solid woods and leathers, married to select man-made fibre-boards and Scandinavian birch-plywoods.

Currently we are in the process of a slow / soft launch. The Edingdale, first introduced in 2011, can be thought of as the first 'Reiver' speaker, and has become something of an underground favourite. A new Mk2 version is in development for an early 2016 launch; it will be partnered with the latest version of the Jenna, a smaller floorstander with similar voicing, for use in more modest spaces. These form our 'Borders' range, where we aim to provide an exceptional performance / price ratio, high sensitivity and a very easy amplifier load, making them excellent partners for single-ended valve amplifiers as well as higher power solid-state designs. We will also be introducing our high end 'Norge' range, composed of two standmount designs (a small, and larger model) and a floorstander; these three loudspeakers feature a curved enclosure with laminate construction, solid wood and leather trim, careful component isolation and some of the most advanced drive units on the market.

In addition to our standard offerings, we are happy to design and develop bespoke loudspeakers suited to individual requirements. We also offer a re-finishing and refurbishing service, where we can refresh existing speakers. We will be adding some photographs of our range, older models, and speakers we have refurbished to our website, and to our forum section over the next few days.

If you have any questions about which of our speakers may best suit your space / needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our 'contact' page. Auditions are always very welcome, and we look forward to you visiting us. Again, please use the contact page to arrange a convenient time. Feel free to bring along your choice of music and any ancillary equipment you may wish to try. Our current 'house' system includes both digital and vinyl front ends from Ah! and Nottingham Analogue, with custom Longdog Audio phonostage. Amplification includes custom active pre-amplifier by Longdog Audio, valve power amplifiers by Conrad-Johnson and Longdog Audio, and solid state amplifiers by Musical Fidelity. Tea / coffee is on us, and a warm Northern welcome awaits. We do not go for 'hard' or any other kind of sell: we simply let our products speak for themselves.

Best regards to all
Colin Topps and Scott Lindgren

29-11-2015, 07:17
Nice one, guys. Wish you the best of luck with this! :cool:


The Black Adder
29-11-2015, 08:57
Hi Guys.

I remember seeing the Edingales a few years back on here, they looked superb! - Good luck with everything.

Josie :)

29-11-2015, 22:56
Many thanks. :) We're quite excited about it.

One little idiosyncrasy that might be of interest: we're aiming to have options that are specifically tailored for use with SET amps, just as the original Edingdale was. We cover the 'conventional' bases of course, but we also want to offer SET lovers an option specifically tailored for use with such amplifiers.