View Full Version : TC-7530DC Bushmaster MKI Firmware now updated

21-11-2015, 07:46
After a prolonged amount of time and a lot of effort I have finally managed to finish a complete rewrite of the TC-7530DC Bushmaster firmware. The operating method has been replaced with that of the BMII. So the LED dimming function is now back in operation and the AUTO function can be switched off and on just like on the BMII.
The chip has been assigned the code SFW1.

The BMI firmware chip is different in design, and larger in memory capacity, compared to that of the BMII and CMII, which meant that I was able to get a bit more out of the BMI with this upgrade, with one tester even suggesting that the BMI with SFW1 now sounds better than his BMII with the SFWII. Bass, dynamic range, and smoothness in the sound will transform the BMI into a completely different and better sounding DAC than managed to amaze and impress the owners who have tried it out so far.

I can therefore offer a money back guarantee on this new Bushmaster MKI firmware if it does not improve the performance of your Bushmaster substantially. You won't have to wait for ages or spend hours in listening sessions in order to detect improvements, or get influenced by placebo effects. The results will be available from the first notes, and you will be able to confirm the improvements before the first record you select to play has finish.

The new chip is listed at http://www.homehifi.co.uk/PP/cartview.html?id=37
Please note that VAT and postage should be added to that price.

AoS members can contact me via PM in order to get the AoS member's price.

17-12-2015, 15:54
What is the list of improvements with this new firmware? Does it pack all the ones for the MKII? Is there any other thread with instructions or comments on the new firmware for the (not-so)-old model?