View Full Version : Rega Saturn:does it plays the tune?

07-10-2009, 16:09
Here the Saturn price droped suddenly,so I wonder if I should sell my old Naim CD 5 and buy the new Saturn,for 1350!But I have a doubt,does the Saturn hold a tune tune so well as Naim or Linn cd players?I know the Saturn does a good soundstage,but Im not so keen on that

07-10-2009, 21:08
More than Linn and Naim, Rega felt threatened by the rise and rise of CD. Today, ANY CD player bearing the Rega badge HAS to be a musical sounding device and I personally feel that they've got rather good at it, causing them to work even harder on their turntables, which IMO is how it should be. Their service always used to be quietly superb as well.

Smug and sanctimonious Rega may have been at one time, but if I were you I'd give the Saturn a VERY serious listen...