View Full Version : For Sale: Ex-Demo REL Subwoofers!

HiFi Lounge
28-10-2015, 12:47
Hi All,

Just a quickie to say that I am selling off my ex-demo REL subs as the new’ish S Range has had a slight tweak to add a standby mode so I need to sell my demo models on to replace with the latest spec, other than the Standby mode they are exactly the same so it is a good opportunity to save a few pounds.

REL really do make excellent subs as thanks to their Hi-Level technology they are equally as good with a 2 channel system as they are with Cinema and you can’t say that about many subs.

Anyway below are the prices for what I have available, all boxed with accessories including the Hi-Level cable, in as new condition with very little use, if you’d like to come in for a demo just let me know, due to their weight it will be collection only -

REL S2 New Price £999 - Our Price £749

REL S3 New Price £1299 - Our Price £999

REL S5 New Price £1599 - Our Price £1199

REL T7 New Price £699 - Our Price £449

REL Habitiat1 New Price £1399 - Our Price £1049

http://i474.photobucket.com/albums/rr109/Mikawen/For%20Sale/S5_34view_silo_zps8ovcgr6f.jpg (http://s474.photobucket.com/user/Mikawen/media/For%20Sale/S5_34view_silo_zps8ovcgr6f.jpg.html)

http://i474.photobucket.com/albums/rr109/Mikawen/For%20Sale/S5_Rear_silo_zpsao4wtqno.jpg (http://s474.photobucket.com/user/Mikawen/media/For%20Sale/S5_Rear_silo_zpsao4wtqno.jpg.html)

http://i474.photobucket.com/albums/rr109/Mikawen/For%20Sale/10.Habitat1_black_3-4wTransmit_zpsftc3dcyx.jpg (http://s474.photobucket.com/user/Mikawen/media/For%20Sale/10.Habitat1_black_3-4wTransmit_zpsftc3dcyx.jpg.html)