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Ammonite Audio
16-10-2015, 16:17
I'm pleased to announce that Ammonite Audio is now retailing products from Townshend Audio, Black Rhodium and Oyaide in the webshop http://ammonite-acoustics.co.uk/home/shop/

To start with, we are offering Tonwshend Seismic Pods, which are individual sprung and damped isolation supports. I tried these during the Whittlebury Show under the turntable platform and the degree of isolation was total. Very impressive indeed, and priced sanely at 99 each for the most popular load ranges. In due course, we will be offering the Seismic Platforms too.


the Black Rhodium Stylus tonearm cable is a really rather good cable that works well with Jelcos and any other arm with a DIN plug at the base. It's low capacitance at 85pF per meter, so definitely recommended for use with MM cartridges, but it does bring the best out of a good MC too. Price is 350 for 1.3m (custom lengths are available).


Oyaide carbon fibre headshells are easily the best that I've used with Jelco arms. They are not exactly cheap (150 for the HS-CF copper version) but the lift in performance over the standard Jelco headshell is enormous.

Needless to say, if anyone wishes to buy a new Jelco tonearm bundled with the Stylus cable and Oyaide headshell, I will discount the tonearm to make a very attractive overall package. Please call, e-mail or PM to discuss.