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Mark Grant
15-10-2015, 23:04
A new product.

Tube Distinctions The Power Works mains filter, model number TD2414-MG

Based on an original design by Anthony Mathews from Tube Distinctions that I have extensively modified and upgraded.

A high quality digital noise filter to remove noise on the mains and prevent noise from digital devices and other noisy devices in your system from effecting other devices.

Both sockets are independently fully filtered with many stages of filtration.

The filter modules are a custom design hand made by me with discrete components, no off the shelf filters are used, it is a complete custom build and I build it from start to finish and every one I make is perfect and fully tested for maximum performance.

Two high quality UK sockets are fitted and an IEC inlet with a 10 amp fuse that is necessary for safety regulations and compliance.

I can make these with Schuko sockets to order for use in Europe or for customers with Schuko power leads here in UK. The price remains the same, I don't charge extra.

Perfect for all source components such as CD players, Dacs, Blu Ray players, Streamers and computers etc.

For Film and TV watching try with a high end Blu ray player such as an Oppo and a large LED/Plasma TV screen or high quality projector such as JVC or Epson to see and hear the results that can be achieved.

The maximum load is 10 amps which is about 2300 watts.

Includes a standard UK power lead, if you have any requirements for any other leads let me know. Bundles with cables are available, let me know your requirements.

The product is here to buy:

Mark Grant.co.uk - Tube Distinctions The Power Works Mains power filter - TD2414-MG (https://markgrant.co.uk/mains-filters-and-regenerators/295-tube-distinctions-mains-power-filter.html)



I always have a very easy and relaxed 30 day return policy so you have plenty of time to try at home.

I will edit and add more details and more pictures as I think of things to add.

If you have any questions ask here or email or send a PM or phone me.

Spectral Morn
15-10-2015, 23:08
Looks very interesting Mark

Regards Neil

15-10-2015, 23:16
Yes, its nice and neat.

Mark Grant
16-10-2015, 20:59
Thanks !

It is even neater inside the box and does the job perfectly.

A version with two Schuko sockets will be ready next week as there have been requests for these.

I will update with a picture soon.

The Black Adder
17-10-2015, 05:35
Looking cool, Mark.

Will be giving one of these a spin next week, so will do a review... can't wait! :) :)

Mark Grant
01-11-2015, 17:13
The Schuko version is available:



If you cant get a price for shipping to your country from my website send me an email or phone me and I will work it out.

Mark Grant
15-11-2015, 21:40
All comments from customers that have tried this power filter have been excellent.

This week a customer that doubted if there would be an improvement ( as he had been disappointed with other makes of filter he had tried having a negative effect ) was pleasantly surprised when he tried it and it is a keeper in his system with his CD player. This was someone who really was a non believer in mains filters.

Musicians with a perfect ear for music like it.

People are surprised at the high quality quality and the high quality of the sockets.

17-11-2015, 18:03
I'm not surprised, Mark, that the feedback from customers has been good - because it works! In my opinion, all those who can afford this device should have one. Essentially, it should be considered as an integral part of any high-quality digital audio system. The key thing is that it doesn't act like a standard mains filter, as it tackles a different kind of noise.


ALL systems using any form of digital source will suffer from the effects of what's referred to as 'switching noise' (derived from the process of DACs converting digital data into an analogue signal), and so if you want to hear what ALL your system components are truly capable of, by not allowing said noise back into the mains supply, thus 'contaminating' the whole system, and instead driven down to mains earth and eradicated, then you NEED one of these babies.


I've been using mine since 2012, and wouldn't be without it - as the improvements it provides are nothing short of remarkable! :)


Mark Grant
23-11-2015, 22:25
A few more happy customers have phoned and emailed me and the comments are the same and always very positive.

Perfect for all source components and Dacs etc.

23-11-2015, 23:55
Will most integrated amps work fine with this filter?


24-11-2015, 00:13
That's a sensible price compared to the multi thousand pound bollocks thats it there...

The Black Adder
24-11-2015, 05:36
Hi Shane.

As well as my Pi, I run my preamp through one of these and it's superb, so yes. Definitely. :)

24-11-2015, 08:10
Preamp? I guess if you think it sounds better, then go for it, but I wouldn't be putting a preamp through it, as it won't be generating the noise that the filter was designed to eliminate, and you'll be raising the impedance of the mains supply to the preamp (which all filters do to some degree).

Like almost anything in hi-fi, it's a question of compromise. Eliminating the effects of digital 'switching noise', with DACs, significantly outweighs the slight negative effect of raised mains impedance, but not with a preamp, because it isn't generating any such noise in the first place, and so doesn't need 'filtered'.

In your system, I'd be plugging the RPi and (if you still have it), your CDP, into the filter. Nothing else :)


The Black Adder
24-11-2015, 09:02
Oh, it's because I'm out of sockets at the moment due to a room reorganisation, that's all. I plug the plug bar in to the filter which runs the preamp through it.

I have wondered if I should make use of the wall socket on the other wall for other things such as HDD's and turntable. I've always heard that it's best to use one socket rather than two, (one being on another wall). Any views on that?

The preamp doesn't lose anything through the filter put it that way.

24-11-2015, 09:15
Try taking it out of the filter and plugging it into a normal wall socket, and compare the 'before & after' results... ;)

Honestly, mate, that filter should have nothing else plugged into other than 'noisy' digital gear. Analogue equipment should be left well out of it.


The Black Adder
24-11-2015, 09:21
ok, thanks dude. I'll try and route over to the other wall socket.

Anyways, the filter certainly does a great job with my RPi and CDP.

I did a little review of the filter here (http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?41090-The-Mark-Grant-The-Power-Works-Mains-filter-SBooster-Linear-PSU-coming-very-soon) along with the Sbooster.


24-11-2015, 13:02
Marco, surely it works both ways? Stopping already polluted mains getting to a component plugged into it or stopping noise getting out from a component plugged into it.

24-11-2015, 13:16
I've tried it Simon, and to my ears, doesn't improve the sound of analogue kit. This unit works best in conjunction with digital equipment.

The whole idea of its design is that it filters 'switching noise', generated by DACs, etc, to mains earth, thus isolating all other equipment plugged into the same mains block (which the filter is connected to) from the deleterious effects of said 'switching noise'.

If the equipment concerned doesn't generate any noise of its own, then by plugging it into the filter, you're gaining no advantage; simply the disadvantage of the filter raising mains impedance, which can (and to my ears does) deteriorate sound quality.

The (significant) sonic benefits of using this device derive mainly from eliminating the effects of 'switching noise', thus improving the performance of items such as CDPs, DACs and streaming devices, and in turn isolating the remaining analogue equipment in the system, connected to the same mains block, from being polluted by the noise that those items generate.


Mark Grant
18-01-2016, 21:38
Anyways, the filter certainly does a great job with my RPi and CDP.

I did a little review of the filter here (http://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?41090-The-Mark-Grant-The-Power-Works-Mains-filter-SBooster-Linear-PSU-coming-very-soon) along with the Sbooster.


Thanks Jo. All the comments from customers have been great.

Mark Grant
01-09-2016, 20:47
That's a sensible price compared to the multi thousand pound bollocks...

Thanks :)
It is very good and a realistic price.

01-09-2016, 21:58
Looks the business Mark, well done.