View Full Version : Chord SPM 1200E

Mr. C
06-10-2015, 15:34
Just arrived a superb example of Chord legendary 1200E power amplifier in silver.
All original boxes and paperwork, full Chord history also has the Integra legs which was taken as an option upgrade.
Very doubtful if you will find a better example currently, fastidious owner.
Absolutely immaculate condition. New cost 8500

Asking 2750

Contact Information (http://www.coherent-systems.co.uk/images/contact.asp)


Mr. C
21-10-2015, 10:24
Just to clarify things this unit has had both changes to the latest specification (protection replay and output stage resistors) performed by Chord themselves.
New 2600

Mr. C
30-10-2015, 13:34
Now 2500

Mr. C
05-11-2015, 12:44
Now sold thank you