View Full Version : Sbooster power supplies for Stanley Beresford Products

Mark Grant
03-10-2015, 18:58
The new range of Sbooster power supplies are available for all of Stanley Beresford's Dac , Capella headphone amplifiers and others.

Two pictures to show the size of a power supply in relation to a Capella Headphone amplifier and a pair of Oppo headphones. The PSU is chunky and heavy and feels very high quality and it is high quality.
The maximum output at 12 volts is 3 amps, you can power a few of Stanley's products at the same time from the same 12V PSU as they draw low power and this is a high power PSU.
The design of the power supply is very energy efficient, it has to be these days and more about power consumption later with measurements. It is very special indeed.

Ultra low noise on the DC output and on the mains connector, unlike noisy low cost Switch mode PSU.

The power supply has two output voltages, 12 volt DC and 13.2 Volt DC, switch selectable for other devices.
There is also a switch setting for an accessory output for the Sbooster Ultra which is another level of performance to be available soon as an accessory for the power supply.


The colour options, gold or silver colour top plate.

The insides of a the Power supply units.

Includes a UK power lead for UK customers.

links to buy:

Power supplies, the best you can get ! (https://markgrant.co.uk/73-linear-power-supply) Use the search box on my site to find your make of device.

Linear power supply for Beresford Capella (https://markgrant.co.uk/linear-power-supply/197-beresford-tc-7110-capella-headphone-amp-12-volt-linear-power-supply-by-sbooster.html)

Linear power supply for Beresford DAC (https://markgrant.co.uk/linear-power-supply/198-beresford-tc-7530dctc-7533dc-dac-12-volt-linear-power-supply-by-sbooster.html)

Ask any questions and any suggestions are welcome. (polite ones that is :) )