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30-09-2009, 11:14
Quick question guys, is it possible to play 24/96 or higher audio files on the the PS3? I've tried a few downloaded 24/96 WAV files saved onto a USB stick and transfered onto the PS3 HD
All I get is unsupported data, trying normal WAV's work ok

Firmware is 3.01, the files are seen if looked under audio list on the ps3 but soon as I try and play them it says unsupported data.
All the options are ticked for optical out settings

Its my sons PS3 but a friend wants to use one with his Stan dac and asked me if it'll work

Any idea's ta:confused:

30-09-2009, 11:56
Hi Leo,

If you don't get a reply here beforehand, send a PM to Duncan (Tubehunter), as he is rather knowledgeable about the PS3 (he's got one and knows all it's 'workings' inside out) :)


The Vinyl Adventure
01-10-2009, 17:18
i think the new "slimline" ps3 will be capable... i havent looked into it but it was suggested to me in the shop in passing that it would be able to proccess dts hd (24/96) etc.. this woud obviously be through hdmi but there might be a knock on effect to the optical...
please dont quote me on this as i dont really know what im saying and its pure speculation

01-10-2009, 17:31
Thanks guys, after searching around it seems quite a few others out there wanted to know too but can't find anything really saying if it can or can't:scratch:

The Vinyl Adventure
01-10-2009, 17:32
a mate of mine is thinking of getting one asap... if he does, il try it for you....

(951 ;) )

01-10-2009, 17:42
Ok Ta


01-10-2009, 18:26
Hamish and Leo,
Which of us is missing something? - neither of your individual Posts count match the count in the top right hand corner of each post - doing your own count is therefore unnecessary, inaccurate and invalid, so :ner: !

The Vinyl Adventure
01-10-2009, 18:30
dave.... come on now.... its not hard ;)
they are acurate at the time of posting.. :ner: to you