View Full Version : Adjustable / sliding SME style armbase and base plate

Magna Audio
17-09-2015, 14:07
Here's an interesting job.

A fully (spindle to pivot) adjustable armbase collar and base plate.

All parts are machined from scratch from brass bar and plate / stainless steel.

The collar


Base part machined

All base plate machining done, domed knurled nuts in brass and sliding pins in stainless steel


The complete article assembled


This will be now be sent off for chroming - more pics once I've received it back for checking over and sending off to the customer.

17-09-2015, 14:32
Very interesting project Steve, I have actually prepared autocad drawings for the very same animal with a view to having it made, but have not got around to it. I would be very interested to know the cost of this (Unchromed)

Magna Audio
18-09-2015, 22:19
Hi Andy,
I charge 200 for a shallow collar version and 210 for a deeper 40mm (below the base plate) collar.
Special delivery is 7.25.

I can give it a highly polished finish for that too.

Best regards,

22-09-2015, 20:17
Nice job, Steve :)

Magna Audio
08-01-2016, 13:59
Here's the first one that was always destined to be chromed all finished.

Moving home and workshop (from Surrey to the New Forest delayed my putting pics up here.

Came out nicely.