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16-09-2015, 19:40
Hi All,

Well we finally made it back after setting up our new style website - we hope you like it. Loads more features, lots of stock listed on www.2ndhandhifi.co.uk and lots more in the queue. Here's a selection and apologies for the length of the list (most on the site) but you never know what someone is after...


Aesthetix Rhea MM/MC multi input phonostage dem Call
Aesthetix Rhea Signature, as new new Call
Albarry MCA11, battery MC step up, excellent used 299
Amazon Referenz Turntable, excellent boxed used 1999
Ariston RD80 c/w Ariston tonearm used Call
AudioNote ANS2L Step up used 399
Audio Technica AT120LP USB used 119
Audiolici phono stage and line preamp dem 999
Avid Acutus Ref power supply dem 2499
Avid Volvere SP turntable, sealed box new 2799
Bakoon EQA11r phonostage, near mint boxed used 1499
Benz Micro LP, boxed plenty of life left used 1199
Clearaudio Innovation Compact, good condition dem 1999
Clearaudio Unify Tonearm excellent boxed used 699
Clearaudio Basic Symmetry Phono Stage REDUCED used 399
Conrad Johnson Premier Six phono preamplifier used Call
Fidelity Research FR64S boxed, excellent used 1499
Garrard 401, Jelco 750 12" arm, new plinth and lid used 1199
Garrard 401/SME3009, vgc used 749
Graham Phantom Supreme, SME cut dem 2749
Graham Phantom Supreme 12", SME cut dem 3249
Graham Slee Fanfare Gramamp 3 used 179
Inspire 'Full on' Technics 1210/Plinth/PSU/SME M2 arm used 1599
Leema Elements Phono Stage, excellent used 289
Linn Sondek, Heed PSU, vgc boxed used 749
Linn Sondek, Ittok, boxed new lid used 999
Linn Sondek LP12, Khan, Rubicon, Ittok, excellent used 2249
Linn Sondek LP12, Khan, Rubicon, Ittok, Armagedon used 2749
Linn Sondek, Grace 707, basik psu, VGC+ used 599
Linn Basik Plus, vgc+ used 149
Logic DM101 c/w Alphason HR100s and MC15 super used 749
Lyra Erodion Step up used 1499
Lyra Skala, excellent boxed used 2249
Michell Gyro Export, QC PSU, boxed used 899
Michell Tecnoarm A in black as new mint boxed used 449
Michell Hydraulic Ref c/w Fluid arm, superb used 999
Moth phono stage dem 249
Musical Fidelity XLPSV8 phono stage dem 199
Musical Fidelity XLP-S phono stage, due in used 149
NAIM Aro, excellent boxed used 1499
NAIM Stageline N vgc used 179
Nitty Gritty RCM, vgc used 199
Oracle Delphi, Zeta, due in used 999
Ortofon MC76 Step up used 149
Ortofon Cadenza Blue, plenty of life used 499
Project Phonobox SE phonostage, excellent value dem 99
Project RPM 10 turntable with arm and platform dem 849
Project Tube Box DS, excellent boxed, used 299
Project Xpression mk2, arm and cart used 199
Project RPM 4 Turntable/Arm with cover, great! used 249
Project Perspective, Speedbox SE, Shure V15Mx used 599
Project Phonobox S, excellent used 99
Project Classic 2.9 vgc used 249
Roksan TMS 2 with Reference PSU, boxed as new used 2899
SME 3009 improved, vgc+ used 199
SME V, excellent boxed no cable used 1299
SME V, excellent, boxed, due in used 1499
SME V12, nr mint boxed dem 2999
Technics 1210/Inspire Plinth & PSU/SME M2/2M Bronze used 1699
Thorens TD170 Auto excellent boxed dem 249
Thorens TD150, SME3009 good condition new 299
Thorens TD160 replinthed c/w RB250, Denon cart used 399
Thorens TD209 turntable package dem 699
Thorens TD2030 Blue turntable new 999
Tom Evans Groove, 0.85mv/100 ohm, excellent used 849
Townshend Elite Rock c/w Excalibur/Merlin/Cover used 999
Transfiguration Orpheus L, good condition used 799
VDH Colibri M/C cartridge dem 2999
VDH Condor M/C cartridge new 1999
VPI Scout, JMW arm excellent used 999
Wilson Benesch Act 1 Tonearm, nr mint superb used 799
Zeta Tonearm, excellent used 599

Aiwa F640 3 Head Cassette deck, just serviced used 99
Arcam Alpha 10DAB tuner, excellent used 149
Arcam T61, vgc+ used 79
Cyrus FM7, excellent boxed used 99
Denon TU1800DAB, vgc remote used 149
Musical Fidelity A5DAB, sealed box used 499
NAIM NAT101 & SNAPS, excellent £500 NAIM service used 899
Nakamichi CD2, excellent used 99
Nakamichi CR7e, B&W service 2013 excellent used 1199
Nakamichi CR7e, B&W service 2015 excellent used 1499
Nakamichi BX2, excellent used 149
Nakamichi 580, near mint boxed used 249
Nakamichi ST7e, rare tuner used 199
Pioneer CT91a reference used 199
Pure 701ES DAB Tuner used 89
Revox PR99, crated used 799
Sony TC-K611S, 3 head, vgc used 79
Tandberg TCD440a, superb! used 499
TEAC V8000S, superb used 299
TEAC X1000M, serviced, superb used 599
TEAC X10R, serviced, superb used 599
Technics RS1500 in flightcase near mint used 2499
Yamaha KX1200 excellent used 199

Albarry AP11 and M608 monos, excellent! used 2399
AMR 777 Integrated dem 1999
Anthem Integrated 2 Valve Integrated used 499
Arcam Alpha 8P, vgc+ boxed used 199
Arcam Alpha 7, vgc+ boxed used 99
Art Audio Jota 520b, excellent used 3999
ATC SIA2-150 Integrated, both versions available from used 1299
Audia Flight Pre and Flight 50 Class A power dem 3999
Audio Analogue Bellini VB and Donizetti Cento, superb used 2499
Audio Analogue Class A Integrated - HUGE! dem 3999
Audio Project ap60 integrated dem Call
Audio Research Ref 610 Monoblocks, vgc boxed used 14299
Audio Research D240 Power, excellent boxed used 749
Audio Research SP9 Preamplifier, VGC+, MM phono used 749
Audio Research LS26 Preamplifier, excellent boxed used 2249
Audiolab 8000Ms, silver, excellent boxed to clear used 349
Audiolab 8000Ms, UK versions, vgc used 499
Audiolab 8200A vgc boxed dem 499
Audion Sterling Plus KT88 Integrated boxed dem 499
Auralic Taurus Preamplifier, excellent boxed used 1149
AVI LAB Series Pre/Power v2, excellent REDUCED used 1499
BAT VK50se preamplifier, vgc+ used 2499
Bel Canto C5i integrated Amp/DAC, boxed excellent used 799
Bryston B100sst excellent boxed used 2249
Cayin MT 34L Valve Integrated, excellent boxed used 499
Chapter Audio Couplet Power Amplifier dem 1999
Chord Electronics CPM2650 Integrated, ex boxed used 2499
Chord Electronics 1200C Power, ex boxed REDUCED used 1899
Classe CAP2100 Integrated with phono, ex boxed used 1999
Consonance Cyber 211 monos c/w Pavane valves dem 2999
Creek OBH21, excellent used 119
Cyrus Power, vgc+ used 199
DartZeel NHB108B, excellent £20+k new used 7999
Denon POA 6600A, Class A monoblocks, vgc+ used 899
Esoteric C03X, ex demo boxed, superb used 5499
Esoteric A03, ex demo boxed used 4499
Esoteric C03/A03, pre/power ex demo boxed used 8999
Graaf GM50B Mk11 Integrated dem 2999
Graaf GM100 valve power amp dem 1999
Jolida Envoy 211 Monoblocks, £7k new, superb, vgc used 1999
Krell KAV400xi, with remote used 1199
Krell KAV2250, 2 x 250w stereo power used 1799
Krell KRC3 & FPB200 pre/power combo used 2999
Lavardin C62/AP150 pre/power and interconnects used 5499
Leema Hydra 2, vgc+ boxed used 1899
Leema Tucana 2, excellent dem 1899
LFD LS1 linestage, reasonable shape used 299
Linn Majik integrated, excellent bargain used 199
Marantz SM7, great retro power used 899
McIntosh C22 & MC275 Commemoratives, boxed used 6999
Meridian 502 preamplifier with MSR, excellent used 499
Meridian 501 preamplifier, excellent used 299
Meridian 501V preamp, excellent used 299
Micromega IA100, great integrated, boxed dem 599
Moon W7RS, excellent used 4499
Musical Fidelity M6i, near mint boxed used 1199
Musical Fidelity A1000 Two box monster Integrated! used 999
Musical Fidelity X-T100 Integrated dem 249
Musical Fidelity Pre 8 and 2 x MA65 chrome fronted used 799
NAIM NAC82, excellent boxed used 899
NAIM NAP160, vgc+ used 449
NAIM NAP250, very late olive excellent used 1099
NAIM NAC42.5/NAP110, vgc used 349
NAIM NAP250, excellent late boxed olive used 1199
NAIM NAP150, excellent boxed used 349
NAIM NAP180, excellent boxed used 599
NAIM NAIT 5, excellent remote boxed used 399
NAIM NAC152/NAP155XS, excellent boxed used 1199
NAIM NAC90/NAP92, vgc used 349
NAIM NAP250, chrome bumper used 699
NAIM NAP200, excellent boxed used 999
Neutonia Salis Integrated, classy Restek built used 399
Onix OA32 Integrated, excellent used 299
Onix OA25 Integrated, excellent used 399
Onkyo P3000/M5000 excellent boxed used 1999
Pathos Logos Integrated dem 1999
Pioneer Spec 3 Preamplifier, vgc used 449
Placette Audio Passive Linestage dem 599
Prima Luna Prologue 3 Preamplifier, REDUCED dem 749
Quad 99 Power, excellent used 299
Quad 405, from used 199
Quad 33/303, vgc, serviced used 299
Quicksilver 8417 Monos with spare valves used 799
Rega Cura 3 Maia 3 Pre/Power excellent boxed used 499
Renaisance RA02 Monos, vgc and excellent value used 499
Revox B150, excellent used 399
Roksan Kandy K2 Integrated used 499
Sonneteer Alabaster, excellent used 699
Sugden A21a line Integrated dem 999
Sugden Masterclass Pre/Monos in Graphite used 6249
Sugden Masterclass Integrated in Titanium dem 2749
TagMcLaren 60iRV, excellent boxed used 299
Talk Electronics Hurricane/Tornado Pre/Power used Call
Tannoy TA1400, excellent boxed used 599
TEAC Distinction A1000 Integrated, ex demo dem 599
Trio LO7C preamplifier good condition used 249
Vincent SAV200 6 Channel monster used 799
Yamaha A-S3000, nr mint boxed dem 1999

Accuphase DP55V, good condition boxed used 999
Arcam Alpha 8se, excellent boxed used 199
Arcam Alpha 9, vgc remote, recent laser used 249
Arcam CD17, excellent used 279
Atoll 100SE DAC , excellent boxed new 299
Audio Analogue Crescendo, end of line new 499
Audio Analogue Paganini (later model) dem 399
Ayre Evolution DVD dem 1999
Advance Acoustic MCD403, as new bargain used 249
Cambridge Audio Minx XI, excellent used 249
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic used 349
Cayin CD50T, excellent boxed used 499
Chapter Audio Sonnet CD & Nevo remote dem 1999
Chord Hugo TT DAC/Headphone amp, as new used 2199
Chord 'One' CD player dem 1799
Chord DAC 64, excellent boxed dem 699
Chord DAC 64 mk2, excellent boxed used 899
Classe CDP202, excellent boxed used 999
Consonance CD2.2, new sealed new Call
Creek Evolution 2 CD player, boxed used 349
Cyrus Discmaster/Dacmaster, vgc+ used 399
Cyrus CDT, boxed remote used Call
Cyrus CD7Q chip, vgc+ used 279
Cyrus dAD3 excellent boxed, remote used 199
Cyrus Discmaster/Dacmaster vgc+, remote used 399
Denon DNP720AE, near mint boxed used 199
EAR Acute 3, mint boxed dem 3749
Esoteric X03Se, near mint boxed used 2249
Esoteric K07, ex demo near mint boxed dem 2499
Leema Elements CD player sealed box new 749
Linn Majik CD, just factory serviced, excellent! used 749
Linn Karik 3, excellent boxed remote used 499
Marantz CD17, remote, excellent used 399
Marantz CD63Ki, remote, boxed excellent used 149
Meridian 506/20 with MSR used 399
Meridian G08, msr boxed, silver or black in stock used 1199
Meridian 602/606 combo with remote used 799
Meridian 500/563 with MSR excellent used 499
Meridian 200/203 excellent used 299
Micromega CD30, excellent boxed used 499
Micromega MyDac, excellent boxed used 179
Micromega Leader, remote used 99
Moon Eclipse CD/DAC c/w PSU, near mint boxed used 2399
Musical Fidelity X10D used 99
Musical Fidelity 3.5 CD dem 399
Musical Fidelity KW SACD, new laser, upgraded ps used 1249
Musical Fidelity M1 DAC, excellent boxed used 329
Musical Fidelity M1 CDTB dem 499
Musical Fidelity A308 CD, used 649
Musical Fidelity M1Clic used 599
Musical Fidelity XDac, excellent used 199
Myryad Z20DAC, excellent boxed used 199
NAIM DAC, nr mint boxed dem 1499
NAIM CD5X, excellent boxed used 599
NAIM CD5, recent new laser, upgradeable used 499
NAIM CDX2, excellent boxed used 999
Onkyo C7000r, excellent boxed used 699
Oppo BDP95EU, as new boxed used 699
Peachtree DACit, excellent dem 199
Prima Luna Prologue 8, ex demo boxed dem 1299
Project Stream Box, excellent boxed used 349
Quad 99CDP, excellent REDUCED used 349
Quad 66CD, excellent remote used 249
Rega Apollo R, excellent used 449
Rega Apollo 35th Anniversary, excellent used 449
Rega Saturn, excellent used 399
Rega Planet, excellent used 199
Revox B126, excellent remote used 299
Roksan Kandy K2 CD, excellent boxed used 399
Sansui WLD201 Streamer, mint boxed used 129
Shanling CDT80 excellent boxed used 299
Sugden Masterclass CD original version used 999
TAG McLaren DAC 20, excellent used 249
TEAC Distinction CD3000, excellent boxed used 599
Tube Technology Fulcrum CD transport dem 699
Tube Technology Fulcrum DAC (inc DAC64 chip) dem 899
Yamaha CD-S3000 near mint dem 2249

Audeze LCD2 excellent dem 599
Audeze LCDXC excellent dem 899
Beyer Dynamic T1, vgc boxed used Call
Bryston BHA-1 Headphone amplifier, superb dem 999
Chord Signature Tuned Aray RCA i/c & RCA Coax from 249
Cyrus PSXR, excellent from used 279
Elemental Audio Equipment Rack dem 499
Elemental Audio speaker stands dem 499
Ergo AMT phones with Amp 2 (£2.5k new) dem 1499
Grado GS1000 and RA1 amplifier used 599
Musical Fidelity M1 HPAB dem 399
Musical Fidelity TripleX power supply new 199
NAIM Naxo 2-4 used 199
NAIM XPS DR, ex demo dem 2599
NAIM Hicap DR excellent boxed used 899
NAIM HiCap, various Olive/Chrome used Call
ProAudio Bono Reference Platform dem 399
Quadraspire racks various used Call

Acoustic Energy AE1 Reference Mk3, excellent boxed new 799
Acoustic Energy AE 1 excellent boxed used 499
Apogee Duetta Signature (Reality rebuilt) Superb used 3249
Art Audio Stiletto in Maple dem 599
Aspara Acoustics HL6 in Oak new 1999
ATC SCM40, excellent boxed in cherry used 1499
Audiovector Si3, near mintboxed dem 749
Aurum Cantus Music Goddess in Gloss black dem 699
Avalon Ascendant Mk2, mint crated, £10k new used 3499
B&W CDM1se in cherry, excellent used 349
B&W DM602s3, vgc+ used 249
Dali Xensor 3, excellent boxed used 199
Davone Ray, vgc in walnut, great! used 1999
Dynaudio Audience 52, vgc used 199
Edwards Audio Apprentice, excellent boxed used 299
Eminent Technology LFT8, some marks used 499
Ferguson Hill FH007&8 'desktop' audio set boxed used 349
Final 400 Electrostatics with ES400 Sub dem 999
Focal Electra 1008, mint boxed dem 2249
Focal Electra 1028, mint boxed dem 2749
Gallo Nucleus Reference 2, rare, superb & boxed used 1999
Heco Celan 500 in Silver dem 499
Heco Statement in gloss black, £3k new dem 1499
Kef Reference 205/2, excellent boxed used 2749
Kef LS50, excellent boxed used 649
Kef Reference Three-Two, vgc+ used 999
Kudos C10, boxed vgc and cheap used 999
Leema Xandia Mk1 in black new 2499
Le ConToure Mobile 160, excellent boxed used 1499
Magneplanar MG1.7 mint boxed dem 1799
Mark & Daniel Mini in Grey inc. Marble cabinets. dem 699
Martin Logan Quests, superb sound, reduced used 1299
Martin Logan Prodigy, excellent used 3499
Martin Logan Summit X, ex demo dem 8999
Martin Logan Vantage used 2249
Mission 782se nr mint boxed used 199
Mission Freedom 5, vgc in Rosewood used 399
Mission 752, rosewood excellent used 179
Monitor Audio BX2, brand new new 179
Monitor Audio GX300, ebony near mint boxed new 1999
Monitor Audio GX200, in Piano black boxed dem 1499
Monitor Audio GX100, in Bubinga boxed dem 599
Monitor Audio BX5, nr mint boxed dem 349
Monitor Audio Studio 50,vgc boxed used 899
Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 near mint crated dem 3999
Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 mint crated new 2999
Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 mint crated new 1249
Monitor Audio Platinum PLW15 mint crated new Call
Monopulse Model S new 699
Monopulse Model A speakers new 1499
Monopulse Model C new 399
Musical Fidelity MC6 Floorstanders, boxed vgc+ used Call
NAIM Ovator S400, excellent dem Call
NAIM SBL, vgc+ used 699
Nola KO speakers in black dem 3999
Nola Micro Grand Reference inc stands, £15k new dem 5995
PMC PB1i, boxed, best walnut finish used 3249
Proac D28, excellent boxed dem 1999
Proac D2, superb in black boxed dem 1199
Proac D1, superb in cherry boxed dem 599
Proac Studio 115, excellent boxed dem 749
QUAD ESL 57 and 63 boxed due in used Call
Quad 25L Classic ex dealer demo boxed used 999
Quad 11L2, excellent boxed used 249
Quad 9AS Active speakers, excellent boxed used 379
Red Rose Rosebud £2.5k new with (used) stands dem 799
Rega RS3, vgc+, boxed dem 449
Rega RS1, vgc+, boxed dem 249
REL T-52 Subwoofer, vgc+ used 299
REL Storm, vgc+ bargain! used 99
Revel Studio 2, sealed boxes, £15k, save a fortune new 5999
Revolver Music 1, excellent boxed used 299
Revolver Cygnis Gold in Black, £14k new dem 4995
Sonus Faber Elipsa, superb boxed used 5999
Sunfire True Sub Subwoofer dem 399
Tannoy Prestige Autograph Mini, ex boxed used 999
Thiel CS7.2, vgc, just refurbished… used 2499
Totem Mani Signature, boxed near mint REDUCED used 1999
Totem Mite in black dem 449
Totem Rokk in mahogany, excellent used 249
Totem Sttaf, near mint boxed new 999
Totem Mani 2, excellent boxed used 1499
Townshend Maximum Supertweeters, excellent boxed used 499
Usher Mini Dancer 1, excellent boxed dem 1999
Vandersteen Quattro, accessories, transformers etc used 2999
Veritas H3 (Lowther drivers) in gloss black, 100db dem 2999
Wilson Benesch Actor floorstanders used 1999
XTC 99.26 mk2, vgc+ in gloss black used 299

Consonance Ping CD/AMP dem 599
Linn Classik Movie 05, excellent boxed used 699
NAIM Uniti 24/192, excellent used 1349
Orelle EVO CD and Amp was £2700 used 799
Yamaha CXA5000/MXA5000 as new boxed dem Call

Regards to all!