View Full Version : Coherent 4D 1.7m RCA - XLR analogue interconnect

Mr. C
24-08-2015, 17:44
Just arrived one of our top cables (4D) as a special edition. 1.7m long, RCA (Furutech FP101) to male XLR Neutric. Superb performance, a natural musical sound with a very low noise floor. New cost 2000

Asking 895

Product Information (http://www.coherent-systems.co.uk/Coherent_4D_cables.asp)

Contact Information (http://www.coherent-systems.co.uk/contact.asp)


Mr. C
30-10-2015, 13:33
Now sold thank you

Mr. C
08-02-2016, 16:35
Now back on the market again