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Concerto Audio
19-08-2015, 13:59
Analog Domain Audio The Isis...we are pleased that in few weeks Isis integrated and Stereo power amp will be on demo at Concerto Audio.

The Isis features recently disclosed proprietary Excalibur circuit near zero distortion, a noise floor well below the human perceptual threshold and the generous power output capability of the Excalibur give the Isis its ability to amplify signals with extreme resolution and control raising the enjoyment of music to an unprecedented level.

The Isis is available in three configurations:
Isis M75D - Stereo integrated amp, stepped analogue volume attenuator, remote control
Isis M75A - Stereo integrated amp, linear analogue volume attenuator, manual control
Isis M75P - Stereo power amp

-Stereo mode or bridge mono mode
-2 x 250W @ 8 ohm, 2 x 400W @ 4 ohm in stereo mode
-1 x 500W @ 8 ohm, 1 x 800W @ 4 ohm in bridge mode
-XLR balanced line inputs, RCA line inputs with individual gain adjustment
-120 + dB dynamic range, THD+N < -93dB ref.1W/4 ohm
-built in slow acting clipping overdrive, overload and short circuits
-5 years unconditional warranty against defects in materials or workmanship
-thick plate aluminum chassis for vibration immunity
-pre out
-high performance dedicated headphone amp

http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x444/SantoshMaroly/m75a_black_rear_view.jpg (http://s1182.photobucket.com/user/SantoshMaroly/media/m75a_black_rear_view.jpg.html)

http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x444/SantoshMaroly/m75d%20white%20covers%20side%20view%20medium.jpg (http://s1182.photobucket.com/user/SantoshMaroly/media/m75d%20white%20covers%20side%20view%20medium.jpg.h tml)

http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x444/SantoshMaroly/m75d%20%20m50%20white%20set%20front%20medium.jpg (http://s1182.photobucket.com/user/SantoshMaroly/media/m75d%20%20m50%20white%20set%20front%20medium.jpg.h tml)

Spectral Morn
19-08-2015, 14:10
Those look nice Santosh - prices ?

Regards Neil

Concerto Audio
19-08-2015, 14:21
Thanks Neil...nice to hear from you.
Prices are:
M75D with remote control 13,300

M75A manual control 12,400

M75P dual channel power amp 11,900

If you are coming down to September show I will be in room 104 with High End Cable

Concerto Audio
21-08-2015, 09:11
More details here on Analog Domain:


Concerto Audio
21-08-2015, 09:19
Mono Stereo review:



Concerto Audio
28-08-2015, 08:50
The Isis integrated and power amp has arrived and on demo..

The design and build, sound quality which is unprecedented and way beyond today's "best" in engineering terms. These are the words of an experienced listener, not marketing hype. We are more than happy to provide anyone a home demo at short notice. One problem: you will not want to listen to anything else after that, trust me! It has already happened to the [lucky?] few who had the opportunity to preview a raw prototype..

Concerto Audio
05-07-2016, 15:10
Price on Isis integrated and Power amp has gone up due to new revised model and also due to current crash in the Forex rates
Isis integrated amp retail is now around 18,000