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13-08-2015, 18:19
Hello folks, quite a few of you will know that I am a designer of valve based preamplifiers.

One of my strongly held commitments is providing an after sales service that is second to none, other industries that provide the same have always impressed me with their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

I can provide bespoke cartridge loading characteristics, extra outputs or, within reason, any specific request.

The current preamp line up is as follows, with performance improving further down the list.

Firebottle Plus phono preamp. MM 399, MM/MC 499.
The performance of this design is now improved with circuit design innovations from the KIN.

Firebottle 2 phono preamp. Two box (separate psu) compact design with superior coupling capacitors. 750.

The 'piece de resistance' is the
Firebottle KIN line only or line/phono preamplifier. Using an innovative 'super linear' circuit design this offers world class performance.
Line only 1250 or line/phono (MM+MC) 1750.

Under development is the phono only section of the KIN preamplifier, the Firebottle Tri.
Projected price is MM 900 and MM/MC 1000.

Any questions please ask.

:) Alan

15-08-2015, 13:57
Nice one, Alan. Good luck with your venture; I'm sure that AoS members will continue to support you, and your superb kit, as much ever! :cool:


Gordon Steadman
15-08-2015, 14:27
Ronnie and I are happy to provide long term stress testing facilities of course:eyebrows:

15-08-2015, 18:04
Hi Alan, could I ask what valves you are using with the line-only KIN?

15-08-2015, 18:12
Of course Julian, as is my 'mode d'emploi' I use unusual or less popular valves. The valve used is a PCC85 but the superior performance is down to the innovative 'super linear' circuit that I use.


15-08-2015, 18:31
Thanks - does the design respond to 'tube rolling' or doesn't it matter as much in this case?

16-08-2015, 05:49
It doesn't matter as much as you have guessed.


17-08-2015, 06:24
An opportunity to try the Firebottle 2, let me know your details :)

17-08-2015, 11:26
I have just placed my order for the Firebottle plus with Alan.

Cant wait to receive it, his service so far has been excellent and apparently the FB+ sounds even better than the demo unit I currently have!

Will the new unit it need any kind of "running in" when received Alan?



09-09-2015, 16:21
I'm just in the process of building myself a KIN preamp, so that I can get the benefit of its elevated performance.

For those that like to see a hand built point to point construction I though I would post the first two stages of the RIAA preamp board.

The start:


Second stage before any components are fitted:


I can now carry on with the 'stuffing'...............


09-09-2015, 16:25
Whats the board made of Alan?

09-09-2015, 19:06
It's fibreglass Grant ;)

09-09-2015, 19:16
Cheers Alan. Not that I'm likely to be doing such but nice to know:)

18-08-2018, 18:27
Hi Alan
Could I ask if you could update this thread with current prices, build times, case dimensions and gain of your various designs.
I'm just planning ahead.