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Mark Grant
27-07-2015, 19:55
FS: Used WBT 0102 Cu connectors.
These where de-soldered by me from some cables.
In great condition as you can see from the photos.

Set of four 60 with free UK post
or 30 a pair with free UK post.
10 connectors available in total.
supplied with WBT torx key for the grub screw.

The new price is about 150 for 4.

send me a message or phone or email if interested.
payment by Paypal etc.



27-07-2015, 20:23
Email sent

The Black Adder
27-07-2015, 20:23
lol.. proper bargain is that... blimey!

28-07-2015, 12:27

Sorry about the confusion, money sent.


Mark Grant
30-07-2015, 20:11
The connectors where posted on the 28th Alan, thanks for buying.

lol.. proper bargain is that... blimey!

:) I Found a few on my workbench and while rummaging through the wires, tools and stuff found a few more :) they had been soldered off a few cables.

All 0102 Cu sold now :)

Might see what else I can find.
Tidying up the workshop as making space for some other projects.