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20-06-2015, 09:49
Made by Canadian high-end loudspeaker manufacturer, Verity Audio, the monitor sections of these are noted for their accuracy and musicality, as used in many recording studios Sateside and Canada. Rare and highly desirable in the UK. This pair was imported direct from the manufacturer by a high end Spanish hifi power supply specialist who intended using them to demonstrate their products but in fact ended up residing in their original packaging!

This beautiful and compact floorstander is comprised of two separate enclosures for the drivers, and can be positioned with the low frequency driver facing toward either the front or back. This results in a very flexible speaker that excels in both small and larger rooms, presenting a huge soundstage in a variety of room placements. Sound from the Rienzis consistently “expanded beyond room boundaries.”

35Hz-25KHz (conservative as in room response drops lower);

Easy amplifier load (benign impedance load)

87dB/1w/1m. Tube amps from 30wpc will drive these with ease. A good class A SE amp of 15wpc upwards will also drive these adequately.

Beautiful timber.

22cm by 29 deep by 100cm tall, weight approx 45Kg per speaker set (ie one side); 2-box system comprising monitor and separate bass unit.

Carbon composite (paper pulp/carbon) long throw woofer with dynamic damping system for low distortion at high volumes.

Bespoke mid range unit running virtually full frequency; self damped, ultra smooth with amazing transient response.

These, with the correct positioning can generate cathedral-like imaging!

Amazing, high quality loudspeakers.

RRP = 8,500 approx.

These are 2 1/2 years old and spend 18 months of that time packaged in their original packaging, unused. Since then, they have been demo units only so are barely run-in!!!

Complete with all original packaging, paperwork, high quality link wiring, spikes, damped separating plinths and owner's manual.

Immaculate condition, rare and desirable. Bargain at 3,900

PM me for more details f interested or contact me using my website contact page: http://www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk/contact/ (http://www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk/contact/)





21-06-2015, 07:38
Looks great! Good luck with the sale Paul. Is it a cherry finish?

21-06-2015, 08:54
Thanks Berni

The finish is Sapele, and quite an attractive Sapele veneer on this pair. They've done the woodwork beautifully, using thick sawn-cut veneer, corner mitred which is about as expensive as veneer finishes gets. Finish appears to be a water based satin finish PU which resists fading and offers good protection.

24-11-2015, 10:15
Bump and price reduction.

These have to be moved on to make way for new demo products hence price reduction to 3,500. Can be couriered as I have all the original packaging for these.

Will work with low powered valve amps as a very easy load.

Please note: these are almost as good as new and are ex-demo so have low hours. They were only bought to demonstrate RFC loudspeakers against a high end bench-mark product.

Very heavy (around 90lbs per speaker) and beautifully made. Granite bases thrown in with sale. Absolute bargain!

Spectral Morn
24-11-2015, 10:39
Verity Audio are very good speakers, and at this price these are a bargain.

24-11-2015, 17:38
Thanks Neil

yes, they're superbly made...really top drawer quality items using Verity's own in house drivers. Every single component used has been carefully thought out and even veneers are extra thick mitred affairs, not paper thin machine applied jobbies.

I am very happy for anyone remotely interested to come and have a listen. Bring your own amps if you like. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. These really deliver solid and low bass for their size as well as a stunning sound stage. If only I had more room, they'd be keepers but 4 or 5 pairs of speakers is getting a bit much for our room and I need to expand my own product line demo sets with my latest floor standers in the New Year. The price wont be beaten if you can locate a pair as these are super rare in the UK and tend to hold their value well. Most owners seldom seem to move them on which should speak volumes.

Radford Revival
24-11-2015, 18:31
I have seen these in the flesh and they are in great condition. (Comment made completely of my own accord)

27-11-2015, 19:11

Non AoS members who might be viewing this ad and are interested in auditioning or buying these fabulous loudspeakers are welcome to contact me via the RFC website: www.referencefidelitycomponents.co.uk

28-11-2015, 13:44
These must go to make room for other projects, so further price reduction to 3,250.

That's insanely cheap for a pair of high end Verity Audio speakers like this.

Sensible offers considered (lowball offers wont be considered or get a response, sorry ;))

04-12-2015, 12:30

These are fabulous quality loudspeakers, and come in almost as-new condition with all original packaging, quality spikes, links, literature and granite bases if required.

Mr. C
04-12-2015, 13:34

They must be some quite barmy people out they, I am surprised you still have these and a very fair price.

Owned many pairs of Verity's including the Lohengrin they have many admirable qualities.

04-12-2015, 17:05

They must be some quite barmy people out they, I am surprised you still have these and a very fair price.

Owned many pairs of Verity's including the Lohengrin they have many admirable qualities.

Thanks Tony; I guess many people haven't come across them so don't know what they're missing! Few loudspeakers are made to these high standards. The Parsival Ovations, Rienzis and Lohengrins are amongst my favourites from the Verity stable, but the Rienzis seem to suit a wider variety of listening rooms than their larger siblings.

07-12-2015, 11:17
Would make a great :christmas: present! Treat yourself, life's too short not to! :cool:

Start of the week bump for these fantastic loudspeakers.

Audio Al
07-12-2015, 11:30
Would make a great :christmas:present!

WOW thanks Paul . I'll pm you my address :D

07-12-2015, 18:29
No probs. Postage is 3,250 :D

07-12-2015, 18:45
No probs. Postage is 3,250 :D

:lol: Nice answer.

Audio Al
07-12-2015, 23:11
No probs. Postage is 3,250 :D

My letter box is not that big , Shame :(

09-12-2015, 08:01
Under offer; sale pending.

09-12-2015, 11:30

15-12-2015, 06:31
Unexpectedly re-available for sale due to the "buyer" not in fact having funding.

3250 and a complete bargain!

15-12-2015, 17:31
Can deliver and help to set up for the cost of fuel within a 50 mile radius.:hotrod:

Christmas is just around the corner now so not too late to put these on your list for Santa! http://www.sherv.net/cm/emo/christmas/funny-santa-dance-smiley-emoticon.gif (http://www.sherv.net/)

17-12-2015, 19:21
Bumpety bump! Near offers MIGHT be considered.

22-12-2015, 09:38
Still here and sounding stunning...a very near offer secures them...

30-12-2015, 06:52
Bumpety bump...

05-01-2016, 11:42
A reminder of how well reviewed and highly thought of these loudspeakers are:


http://www.ultraaudio.com/equipment/verity_rienzi.htm (http://www.ultraaudio.com/equipment/verity_rienzi.htm)



Full specifications:


New Year deal, as they have to go....2950 plus delivery, no further reductions as this is silly cheap!

07-01-2016, 17:27

09-01-2016, 08:41

15-01-2016, 18:01
and up. Still available....someone break my arm at this price!

15-01-2016, 19:49
is that the raptors in the first photo?

15-01-2016, 21:22
Hi Phil

its the Veritys in the first photo.

These are the raptors:



15-01-2016, 22:32
ah , I was just thinking what a modest size floorstander with them next to the raptor .
both are beautiful sounding I am sure

16-01-2016, 06:00
That's the beauty of the Rienzis Phil. They don't need to shout about their performance by being huge, they provide close to full range performance from a very modest two box design. Very solid too at almost a hundredweight per channel!

29-01-2016, 17:21
now SOLD

29-01-2016, 17:34

29-01-2016, 17:44

We're really sorry to see them go Grant but just glad they're going to a good home and will be appreciated.