View Full Version : Monterey International Pop Festival 1967 - Rhino Box

12-09-2009, 21:02
I have the 4 disc Rhino box of the Monterey Pop Festival from '67. The box is pretty good in terms of bands covered - The Byrds, The Who etc. But it is badly spoilt imo by crowd noise that sounds like it has been badly digitally processed - like bad MP3. This bad MP3 crowd noise has been evident on a number of CDP's I've tried it in, plus my Mac and it's also evident in a FLAC rip I got hold of.

Does anyone else who has this box suffer the same problem? Are there any other versions of the material that are mastered more delicately? I'm looking for the sets by The Byrds, Laura Nyro and Simon & Garfunkel in particular. The latter two aren't on the Rhino Box, shame them.