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30-05-2015, 08:26
In case this information is difficult to find in the 150 pages of other threads.

We designed the Pi-DAC+ to offer great performance at an entry level price. This is only made possible by the latest generation DAC's using integrated line drivers at the output. To keep costs and component count low, the Pi-DAC+ utilises this feature and uses a simple passive filter at the output to remove high frequency noise generated in the conversion process. This CAN make the Pi-DAC+ more sensitive to the interconnecting cables, namely the cable length and quality. The loading effect of the device which the Pi-DAC+ is plugged into can also affect performance.

Simply, we recommend keeping the cable lengths as short as possible, and use the highest quality cables you can afford.

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01-06-2015, 20:37
Out of interest, Gordon, which VDH interconnects is it that you're using? :)


16-06-2015, 15:39
The VDH interconnects are from around 30yrs ago (having just typed that I truly can't believe they are that old) - I'll see if I can get marking off them - probably VDH only had one cable way back then in any case.


16-06-2015, 19:13
I'd appreciate that, Gordon :)