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19-05-2015, 09:29
I see there's not much activity in this subforum, so I thought I'd check before I wasted my time.

I used to write a monthly column called "Home Theatre How To" for an Audio/Video magazine - explaining the principles of good HT set-up (standing waves, nulls & nodes, dynamics, etc), in easy-to read non techy ways, and I thought they might be of interest to AoS members.

I'm happy to scan them and put them up here (I have about six samples in my portfolio) but only if people are interested?


19-05-2015, 11:16
Hi Barry

I think that would be welcome if you can be bothered to do it; I am sure that more than a few people will read them in time, including myself.

19-05-2015, 11:20
yup. good idea Barry. can easily make it a sticky as well

20-05-2015, 07:20
Okay, I'll put them up today.