View Full Version : Make Your Own Audiophile Preamp

07-05-2015, 21:21
As you may know, Tortuga Audio not only manufacturers plug-n-play preamps but we also sell core parts for the DIY (do-it-yourself) audio enthusiast.

We get a large volume of inquiries from the DIY community and the No. 1 question by far is some variation on: "What do I need to build a Tortuga preamp?" (http://www.tortugaaudio.com/make-your-own-audiophile-preamp/)

As a life long DIY'er I can certainly relate. And while every DIY project is an exploration into the unknown, successful outcomes favor the well informed. We recently took some time to summarize our thoughts and recommendations on the DIY approach to a Tortuga preamp and posted an article on our website titled Make Your Own Audiophile Preamp.

If you're considering a DIY audio project and upgrading your preamp, a Tortuga preamp project is one of the best values in high performance audio today.

Whether you've already tackled a DIY Tortuga preamp project or are thinking about doing so, I welcome your feedback and questions on this article and will try to update the article accordingly.

You can find the article here: Make Your Own Audiophile Preamp | Tortuga Audio (http://www.tortugaaudio.com/make-your-own-audiophile-preamp/)