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07-09-2009, 18:23
Hi Guys,
I wonder if any reader has any experience of the Sony programme SonicStage. It came ready installed on my PC about 3 years ago, before I was seriously intersted in anything other than basic mp3 playback. I know that somewhere in the bowels of this programme is an application which purports to tune the output to match your listening room and involves plugging in a mic (never got further than that 'cos I wasn't interested enough to buy a mic). Don't be mislead, this is quite a capable programme and comes paired with SonicStage Mastering Studio which enables recording, and outputting to disc, in DSD mode.
A few days ago I stumbled on this 'room tuning' application by accident, which prompted me to buy a cheap mic. Wouldn't you know it, now I have the mic I can't find my way back to the application :doh: :doh: :steam: :steam: .
Can anyone throw any light on this and give me a pointer or several, please?
Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

07-09-2009, 21:46
Dave - go to "start" (The windows icon) and then in the box at the bottom left ("start search") if you type "sonicstage" it should come up with the application - well it does on my Vaio, hopefully yours too... double-click to start it...

07-09-2009, 22:06
Hi Alex,
Thanks for that. I guess I could not have made myself clear - I have no problems finding SonicStage, I use it most days and have it's icon on my desktop. My problem is that somewhere in the bowels of SonicStage is this tuning application which purports to tweak the output to give you optimum sound results fo your room, presumably by some sort of feedback from various areas of the room via the mic that I mentioned. I discovered it originally by exploring all the available options provided by the tabs along the top of the opening page, found it again a few weeks ago, by accident and now I can't locate it :doh: :steam: .

The Grand Wazoo
07-09-2009, 22:26
I've never heard of sonicstage, but if you have a help file you could try looking up things like room equalisation, parametric equalisation or eq...........stuff like that.

Good luck!