View Full Version : LDR1.V2B Balanced Passive Preamp - Single XLR Input / Dual XLR Outputs

15-03-2015, 15:06
Here are pics of our latest offering, the LDR1.V2B. A single input, dual output balanced passive preamp. This unit sounds fantastic and since it's a single input design there is no input switching circuitry or signal pathways. Pure in and out.

The unit in this pic has the optional Cardas XLRs. Standard XLRs are the black Neutriks. Comes in silver front/rear panel as shown and also the all-black Darth Vader. :D

More info on the LDR1.V2B here: http://www.tortugaaudio.com/product/ldr3-v2b-balanced-passive-preamp/