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04-03-2015, 22:40
I have for commission sale a pair of Tannoy/Lockwood Majors that have a significant role in music history. These are the monitors from the legendary Caribou Ranch Studio in Colorado. The story goes that producer Gus Dudgeon had them sent over from the UK to record the first Elton John project they did there which was of course called Caribou Ranch. He went on to do Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys and Rock of the Westies there too. You can find the Wiki entry and the list of people who recorded on these monitors HERE (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribou_Ranch). The speakers stayed in use in the studio till it closed after a fire in '85. You will see from the pictures that there appears to be one Red and one Gold Tannoy, however in fact the Red is a late one and has all the characteristics of a Gold. The cones are identical as are the baskets and "Pepperpots" they are both the same impedance and have gold crossovers. They were as I understand it factory matched and the only thing different is the colour of one cover. Like all Lockwood Majors they sound superb. They in fantastic condition as can be seen from the pics and are an absolute bargain at 2750 OVNO, collected from west London. Shipping can be arranged at cost at the buyers responsibility. These monitors come with a letter of authenticity from the owners of the studio, so grab yourself some classic sound quality and some great musical history. PM me for more info.






04-03-2015, 23:27
Wow… Most interesting, Paul! I didn’t know quite so many artists had recorded at Caribou, using the Lockies :eek:

It just goes to show how well these speakers were regarded in the heyday of when some of the best music ever was being produced - and some by true music legends!

Glad that the ‘one Gold, one Red’ thing has been cleared up, which now makes these a totally different proposition and a rather special pair of speakers… Good luck with the sale. At that price, someone will soon snap them up. Wish I had room for a second pair!! :cool:


10-04-2015, 09:20
Now sold

The Black Adder
10-04-2015, 09:49
Lovely job... :)