View Full Version : Switching Solution between 2 amps - Quad 306 & Onkyo TXNR509 and one set of speakers

02-03-2015, 15:55
Hi all,

So i'm looking for an amp-switching solution using my one set of Tannoy Profile 632's (on stands) with both amp setups as required rather than having two seperate sets of speakers in the lounge:-

AV/Tv/Movie/5.1 setup - using Onkyo TNXR509 Amp (tannoy's used as Front L&R)
Turntable / CD - using Quad 306 Amp

Yes i can run everything through the Onkyo as I do currently, but I bought the quad setup for a more "pure" sound as the onkyo colours the sound too much for my liking (even in it's "pure audio" mode) trying to be too clever....

Is there a better/neater solution than using the really cheap/nasty speaker selector boxes to swap between the amps?

Currently not bi-wiring the tannoy's but would like to preserve the option if it's possible for future speaker cable replacement

Not too fussed if there isn't a "remote" option (being lazy) as the quad setup doesn't have one anyway!



02-03-2015, 16:15
Hi Chris, I use one of Stan Beresford's RCA routers in my system to switch between pre-amps, and I'm very happy with it, there's no noticeable effect to the SQ, and it allows me to integrate all my sources, via analogue and digital pre-amps, into the same power amps and speakers.

I notice he also provides a speaker switch unit, which looks like the functionality you need...


...given it's a similar price to my router, I imagine it's of a similar quality, so might be worth a try :)

P.S. My RCA router is this one...