View Full Version : Tannoy - Original Crossover Refurbishment Service

18-02-2015, 15:51
As well as the design and construction of new fixed inductor circuits for Tannoy vintage drivers, RFC also offers a fully comprehensive service for refurbishment of existing crossovers.

Here are some photos of a completed Tannoy Crossover refurbishment project to illustrate some of the work.

These crossovers are for a set of HPD 385 drivers but the work is the same whether it be Monitor Golds or HPDs:






The work involves:

Complete strip down of crossover
Cleaning of existing switches
removal of existing capacitors
removal of all existing hot melt glue where used
a full clean of the existing PCB and re-flowing of solder joints
New high quality polypropylene capacitors of appropriate value and type
Re-assembly of crossover
removal of existing input/output wiring and replacement with quality OFC wiring
provision and fitting of a new gold plated (improved design) 4 pin driver connector
Full testing and inspection

The cost for all of this work is 225 plus P&P which is very reasonable considering how labour intensive it is. That covers all of the new components and labour. This is more economical than having new bespoke crossovers built and adds considerable value to your existing crossovers.

The cost is the same for all MG and HPD crossovers and this work will restore them to BETTER than new factory specification. The only thing likely to ever need doing again (approx once every 5 to 10 years) is routine cleaning of the switches.

All components are selected to 3% tolerance. For a modest additional fee, components matched to within 1% can be specified.

Please either use my website contact form or PM me here if you would like your Tannoy crossovers given a new lease of life!