View Full Version : Overhang setting on the SL-1200

Ammonite Audio
17-08-2009, 17:50
I'm enjoying tinkering with the Technics arm on my SL-1210, and find it ridiculously easy to set up, in comparison with my Tecnoarm. I'm wondering, though, what is the best method for setting the overhang. I've used a Baerwald protractor downloaded from Vinyl Engine, and that agrees with my Clearaudio alignment jig, when the IEC standard markings are used. This seems to work well. I was curious, though, to know if the little white plastic alignment tool that comes with the SL-1210 is any good, and noted that it places the stylus tip further back into the headshell than the other methods. Is there a right or wrong here? I'd be interested to know what everyone else uses on the Technics and what they feel works best.

Dave Cawley
17-08-2009, 18:21
I use the Clearaudio jig on IEC, works fine on the standard arm and everything else too!