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09-01-2015, 20:16

2 way high fidelity bass reflex stand mount.

Frequency response (measured): 30Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: 87dB/1w/1m

Nominal Impedance: 6.4 Ohms

Dimensions: 520 x 245 x 350mm

Weight: 16Kg per speaker.

Crossover: High quality 12dB/Octave - Point to point wired using the finest components.

Time corrected driver placement.

Recommended amplification: From 35w Valve (PP) or 50W SS recommended.

Cabinet: RFC "Constrained Panel" design using slow grown Latvian Birch Ply

Drivers: Scanspeak Revelator mid woofer: Scanspeak Illuminator Tweeter.




Available finishes:

Oak (pictured);


Red Cherry;


Curly Maple;


Sound Quality:

You need to listen for yourself to appreciate just how much scale can be generated from so compact a design. Scale is quite immense. Imaging is expansive thanks to superb off axis performance. It draws you into the music. Detail is fabulous. Tone is natural, unforced and very phase coherent. You can clearly hear the faintest reverb in live studio recordings (pointing to good phase accuracy) and these are very revealing of upstream sources without sounding anything other than natural and involving.

Price: 2,800 per hand crafted pair.

Please contact me to arrange an audition or for further information.

09-01-2015, 21:26
Looking good.....

Marty :D

09-01-2015, 23:40
I had the good fortune to savour the aural delights of this particular pair of Raptors at some length chez Paul before they were veneered. His brief description of how they perform (sound quality) is, IMHO, 'spot on' and I for one was totally smitten. Indeed, I shall never know how I managed to resist the temptation of eloping with them when Paul went out for a couple of hours and left me in charge of his home :stalks:

Jon ;)