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05-01-2015, 19:01
For sale - a pair of 6.4m long, low-resistance, low-capacitance speaker cables manufactured by Exposure Electronics http://www.exposurehifi.com/index.html.

90 the pair, including basic UK postage and packing (Royal Mail Signed For)

This cable is no longer produced so the only source is now the second-hand market. Short lengths appear from time to time on eBay but long lengths are a good deal rarer. It's when long lengths are involved, of course, that the total resistance and capacitance of normal cable risks rising to relatively high levels. The Exposure cable uses thick copper cores (approx 5 square mm each) separated by a plastic web to keep the capacitance low (approx 30pF per metre/200pF per cable). The total resistance of each cable (both cores in series) is less than 0.06ohms. The outside dimensions are 16mm wide by 5mm thick. Each cable currently has a pair of substantial 4mm plugs at one end and bare ends at the other. I can fit alternative connectors if required.

In each cable the web has been cut back to provide a pair of loose tails suitable, say, for running into a speaker cabinet and connecting direct to a crossover. The 6.4m measurement runs from the tips of the plugs to the point where the web stops. The tails add a further 0.7m making a total end-to-end length of a little over 7.1m.

The cables are used but in good condition - clean and with no significant damage to the insulation.

Payment can be by direct bank transfer, Paypal 'Friends and Family', cheque in the mail (I'll need to wait for it to clear though) or, of course, cash on collection from South Oxon.

The attached pic shows just one cable, but the sale is of a pair.


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